Sunday, October 30, 2011

XEROXICA - a 13 Band Comp - Tape - 1994

   This compilation was put out by the ever-stellar Secret Center Records out of Sacramento, CA. In the 90's, they specialized in putting out one-off cassingles by local bands that stayed together for at least 45 minutes. This compilation showcases some of Sacto's finest (?) bands and, inexplicably, looks outside of their insular scene at bands from other states....but only like, one or two of them. Appearances are made by the always entertaining BANANAS, NAR (who deliver my favorite line of theirs "Why is that picture of me taped back together?"), CAPTAIN 9's AND THE KNICKERBOCKER TRIO, LOS HUEVOS and more. If you're into any of the aforementioned bands or just have any interest in the pure nerdiness of the 90's Sacto scene, I'm sure you are already downloading this.
  I ordered this tape from Secret Center at some point in the 90's and it took them a full 3 YEARS to send it to me! I called them a few times and even sent my new address every time I moved. I thought I would never actually get it. Three bucks down the drain. Then, one day it finally showed up with an apology letter and I've been loving it ever since.
                               Download XEROXICA

Saturday, October 29, 2011

VENOM - Stage Banter - 1986

   Okay, so this has been passed around all over the world since before the internet ever existed...Thurston Moore even put this out as a single on his Ecstatic Peace label back at the beginning of the 90's....but I like this alot and I like you a lot and I want you to have this. Plus, it's almost Halloween and this recording seems fitting.
   The world was weird back during the 80's. To prove that, the universe put VENOM and BLACK FLAG on the same bill in New Jersey. When VENOM was doing their thing, BLACK FLAG'S roadie, Joe Cole decided to document it on his tape recorder. Later, I'm guessing that he realized that Cronos' stage banter was the real gem here and Mr. Cole cut out all of their music from the set. The end result is hilarious, memorable and highly fucking quotable. Happy Halloween!

565 BURNOUTS - Demo - Tape - 1995

   565 BURNOUTS were a band of 4 people who seemed to live, breathe, eat and play only 70's and 80's punk. Even though the rest of us were firmly entrenched in the mid-90's and all the pop-punk catastrophes that came with it, 565 BURNOUTS were still proudly wearing ripped up MDC shirts and wearing out their DILS records from repeated listening. Their singer Penny, seemed to loathe being in front of people and would scream her shrill lyrics and stare at the floor while the rest of the band went so buck-wild that they would unplug themselves and not even realize it. I lived with their guitarist/bass player/singer Jason and he was a spitting image of Darby Crash, right down to the engineer boots, shitty homemade tattoos, chipped teeth and big chain around his neck. He used to sit around the house stabbing safety pins into his arm while smoking cigarettes and blasting BLACK FLAG. Punk!
   I'm surprised that the quality of this tape is still holding up as well as it is because I have listened to this thing countless times. Songs like "Coffee Shop" and "Spin Around" have been firmly implanted in my head since the mid-90's. "What the Fuck" was definitely just a vehicle for showing off Jason's Greg Ginn-like guitar hooks, but it's still a great song. At the time of this recording, their drummer Ben, was the punkest person I knew and I was actually kinda scared of him until I joined a band with him and discovered that he is one of the sweetest motherfuckers you could ever meet..
   Not long after this tape was recorded, Penny quit and Ben moved to Hawaii. The band kept going for a short time and I played drums for them for a little while. At one of the last shows, I set my drums on fire and Jason set himself on fire and dove head-first into a bunch of gravel. It sucked. It was time to break up...and they did.
  I tried to find some pictures of 565 BURNOUTS, but I don't have any. Instead, here is the Google Street View of the house where they recorded this looked a lot more punk then.

Link updated Dec 2016
 By the way, it's pronounced "Five sixty five" not "five hundred and sixty five". 565 is the interstate that runs through North Huntsville, AL.

Friday, October 28, 2011

WAVY GRAVY - "For Adult Enthusiasts" - Compilation LP - 1960's

   This album (along with John Waters, THE CRAMPS and late night cable access exploitation movies) is responsible for warping my young brain and making me want to be a freak for life. I think I first heard this thing when I was about 12 years old and I felt like I was receiving a transmission from an alien world. These 14 songs are divided between exploitation movie trailers, creepy-as-fuck spoken word bits and weird religious rants. The songs range from weirdo-psychotic country-western to dumb 60's garage songs about gorillas. The highlights for me are PORTER WAGGONER's demented "Rubber Room", WENDELL AUSTIN's ode to psychedelics in "LSD" and the fucking ridiculous stupidity of THE LONE TWISTER. This compilation makes more sense when you listen to it as a whole.
    Also, it's pretty fucked up.

   ...and it has nothing to do with that weird hippie clown named Wavy Gravy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

TOTALLY CHAOS - Tape - 2004

    It turns out that I don't really know that much about TOTALLY CHAOS besides these few things: 1. They were from Minneapolis. 2. This tape is their only release. 3. They rule. 4. If you don't like "17th Beer", "Stitches" and "Wild Outside", you might not be into punk.
   Really, that's about it. If you know more info than that, please comment and tell me more.
  This band features members of FROZEN TEENS, HIDDEN SPOTS and many more.

Updated 3/2020

Monday, October 24, 2011

HIDDEN RESENTMENTS - "Hats Off to Miss 125th Street" - Tape - 1996

    The HIDDEN RESENTMENTS always remind me of a time of copy keys, tone dialers, paper food stamps, pay phones and generator shows in the Everglades of Miami. They were around for a short time in the mid-90's and lived in squatted, sinking boats in the Miami bay. They seemed to live solely on a diet of stolen beer, ramen noodles, thieved salad bar items and any food that was taken out of the trash. Their songs were all heartbroken and desperate; like the whole world is gonna end because your partner left you...the kind of music that many people only feel comfortable writing in their early 20's. Somehow though, their theme song is perfect and timeless.
   Recess Records put this out on a 7" four years after they broke up, but did such a shoddy job on it that I think it's not even worth picking up out of a free box. They left the best song off the record, even though it's listed as being on there. If I tell you any more details, it will just delve into shit talk...and we don't shit talk here on the internet.
    Their drummer, Scott lives just across the bay from me and plays in a band that I do not know the name of. The bass player, Cinque, is one of my best friends and now plays in STREET LEGAL. No one really knows what happened to their singer/guitarist Iggy Scam. Some say that he was last seen running out of a store carrying a case of stolen beer and a crowbar while shouting something about Fidel Castro and a lack of pay phones. Others contend that he is squatting an inhabited 60 bedroom mansion on South Miami Beach in a room that no one ever uses while he writes a million page manifesto on conquering the world one scam at a time. Still others have told me that he stopped drinking, changed his name to Erick Lyle, plays in a soft rock band called BLACK RAINBOW, and writes books now. That can't be true though, can it?
re-uploaded Feb 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2011

STRAIGHT YOUTH - "Together We Can Do It" - 7" - 1990

    STRAIGHT YOUTH was a brilliant band. It was comprised of members of a defunct straight-edge hardcore band and they played fake straight-edge better than most of their sXe peers. After the demise of POWERHOUSE (a real South Florida sXe band), Ross Youth (Andrew Powell R.I.P.) broke edge and formed this ridiculous recording project with some other winners who went on to be in bands like CHICKENHEAD, LOS CANADIANS and KREAMY 'LECTRIC SANTA. Apparently, it pissed off members of the sXe community who could not take a joke...or maybe they realized that STRAIGHT YOUTH was better than their stupid band. The song "X on my Hand" is more classic and essential  to me than anything by MINOR THREAT, BOLD and YOUTH OF TODAY combined.
                             TAKE IT LARRY!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NO - Demo - 2005

   Fast, manic hardcore from Athens, GA. I didn't pay a lot of attention to this band when they were around, even though I lived in the same town as them, but I've been finding myself listening to this tape and their LP (which has some of the worst cover art ever. "Not my fault" says drummer, Jason) a whole lot in the last week. It's loud, it's fast. There are eight songs on here with no song titles and it's all over in less than 10 minutes. The first song has my favorite recorded "dive bomb" within the first 10 seconds.
                       Just go ahead and download it
                     NO at Tight Pockets in 2005

Sunday, October 16, 2011


   I believe that MARGARET MOTHER OF THIEVES started in either Asheville or Minneapolis, but I can't be sure. The first time that I saw them was at one of the best shows that I have ever been to. It was in the basement of a big old punk house on the edge of downtown Asheville and MARGARET MOTHER OF THIEVES opened up the show on a bill that also included TEM EYOS KI, THEUSAISAMONSTER, ANTI-PRODUCT and SUBMISSION HOLD. Everyone in this band lived in homemade shacks out in the woods and their lifestyle was more DIY than most of the people who spoke the loudest about that kind of stuff. Naomi played a violin and a cello that she built from a guitar neck bolted (or taped) to a crutch. I think they also built one of their guitar amps. They played a style of music that I can only compare to a more rudimentary DOG FACED HERMANS, WIRE (if they were low-budget and no-wave) or the members' other bands, like COUNTY Z, IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT and GROUP B. It was urgent, tight yet retaining loose qualities in the right places and open to improvisation.
   Like many great bands, MARGARET MOTHER OF THIEVES crashed and burned early on and all we're left with is this tape. The members of this band went on to form the aforementioned COUNTY Z and IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT Currently, the members of this band are spread out from Maine to California and they are playing music in MOTHER OF FIREVILLAGE OF SPACES CORNERS and more. All of it is worth tracking down. I miss this band more than a lot of other defunct bands.

    Download includes 24 page lyric/art booklet

KNUGEN FALLER - Both 7"s - 2004-2005

   So, the story with KNUGEN FALLER is that they decided to start this band while eating soup at Food Not Bombs. All of them played in other well known bands, but for this band each of them decided to play an instrument that they have never played before. The result is some political super-pop that reminds me at times of X-RAY SPEX, THE GO-GO'S (the early stuff), and just good Swedish punk. It's simple. It's great.
                                   Ladda Ner
Thanks to Anandi for providing the first 7" for digitization.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DOGS - "Rollin' In It" - LP - 2005

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you mixed a venomous, straightforward punk band with one of those noise guys who bends over a huge box of pedals, oscillators, and homemade electronics? Well, wonder no more! DOGS were around for a very short time during the mid-00's and I regret being on the verge of a blackout during the only time I saw them when our paths crossed at a show in a bike shop in Madison, WI. They were partially responsible though since they were the ones who were foisting beers upon us, cutting the holes in them and urging us to shotgun them over and over.
    Hot Tony and his "Box of Dreams" make blips, swooshes, static and skronk over these punk-as-fuck songs about bombing skyways and losing your goddamn mind. I think this album really hits it's stride at side 2 ("Diamonds Last Forever") and becomes unfuckwithable, but that's just me. Download it for yourself and see.
   This LP was put out by the mysterious Jicca! label and this might be their only release (Sweettooth?). The members of this band are spread from sea to shining sea these days and are doing some pretty badass stuff. My apologies to DOGS for turning you analog creation into a digital mess.

Friday, October 14, 2011

FORCED VENGEANCE - 7" and Comp Track - 2001

    Before FORCED VENGEANCE, there was THE TUBE TOPS and before that, there was Cinque and I sitting on a porch at a punk house in the Highland Park neighborhood of Chattanooga, TN in the fall of 1998. It was 9 am and we had already tried and failed to get a day's work at Labor Finder's (For those of you lucky enough to not know what Labor Finder's is, it is a soul-sucking institution that requires you to get up at the ass-crack of dawn and beg for a job doing manual labor all day for a bunch of assholes while getting minimum wage. If you don't have a bank account, you can only cash your check at a liquor store that takes a cut so that you only get about $36, if you're lucky.). We felt like we had failed at life and we scrounged up our change to buy 40's and drink them on the porch. After getting sufficiently buzzed, we got the idea to drag the bass and drums out onto the street in front of our house and play BLACK FLAG covers as well as playing along to the tune of the ice cream truck when it stopped in front of our house to sell treats to the kids that had gathered around to watch us. In the midst of that, we started writing songs and decided at that moment to start a band. We recruited our friends, Eric, Amy and Caroline to round out the group. Thus, THE TUBE TOPS were born.
   After a couple of shows, complete with 4 part harmonies and (accidentally) kicking members of the audience in the face, Caroline was summoned south by the sweet, soft hand of academia and she settled in Gainesville, FL. We decided to change the band name since the TUBE TOPS moniker had been Caroline's brain child. While sitting in a Burger King on E 23rd street (for the life of me, I don't know why I remember that), we decided to call the band FORCED VENGEANCE, which is the name of a Chuck Norris movie that Eric was obsessed with. Then, at some point we all decided that we had to get tattoos of "FV" somewhere on our bodies to confirm our commitment to this band. Not too long after the ink got under his skin, Cinque also made the decision to travel south to that sun-bleached land of beard rock and frat boys....thus, we needed a new bass player.
   We decided to bring in our friend, Chrissie into our weird world. Although Cinque is not the kind of man who can be replaced, Chrissie brought her own energy to the band in the form of fancy fret-work, ridiculous puns and an optimism that had been lacking in our lives. Soon after, we welcomed Harry into the fold because he is one of the best guitarists we know and we hung out with him every day. Plus, he balanced out Chrissie's optimism with a healthy dose of pessimism and paranoia.Both of them dutifully got sloppy "FV" tattoos and were happy to practice whenever anyone felt like it.
   All of these songs were recorded in 2001 by Sam at his house in North Chattanooga. Eight of them appeared on our 7" that we released that year. The 9th one was supposed to be on a compilation of Chattanooga bands that never materialized. It ended up being on a compilation called "0 to 60", which was comprised of 59 bands playing songs that clocked in at one minute or less.
  The band broke up by the end of 2001 for various reasons. Eric and Amy just celebrated their 10th year of marriage and play in the band DARK RIDES. Chrissie moved to Richmond,VA and plays in THE FLESH MOUNTAIN BOYS. Harry has 2 children, still lives in Chattanooga and plays 2nd guitar in ADD/C. I just went on tour with Cinque last month and he plays in the band STREET LEGAL. Caroline lives in Brooklyn, plays bass in a very popular band and does some pretty mind-bending art. Me? I'm not sure what it is that I do, but I am a social worker and I still play drums in punk bands. I feel very fortunate to have played music with all of these people and this band has really shaped the way I play music to this day. I hope you enjoy it.
FORCED VENGEANCE in a barn in Burnsville, NC. 2000.

If you want the lyric booklet that we gave out at shows sometimes (different from the one included in the download), send $2-3 to me at p.o. box 40786, SF, CA 94140. I still have a small pile of them.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ADD/C - 1st Tape - 2000

   Eleven years ago, when this tape came into my possession, I had no clue that I would still be listening to it and loving it in 2011. I also had no way of knowing that this band would still be around, writing great music and putting out one of my favorite LP's of 2010 (If you don't have their LP, please stop reading this and go order their record right now). ADD/C started in Chattanooga, TN at a time where new bands either played together for years upon years or played one show and broke up the next day. I pegged ADD/C for the latter, but they really proved me wrong. Since then, I have seen them play huge fests, small basements to almost no one, in public parks, and under bridges. Every time, they have been great...even during their famed "endurance test" shows, which is when they keep playing the show until every single person has left the room. I heard that they played at Anarchtica (a punk house in Chattanooga) once for 3 solid hours until the last wasted person finally went outside. Once, someone complained to me, while they were playing, about how ADD/C played every local show and did the same songs every time. After telling them to start their own band so we would have more local bands to choose from, I explained that ADD/C was better than most of the other bands in other cities and we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to scream along to their songs every, we would really miss them when they are gone. He thought about it for a second and then went right up to the front of the room to sing and dance to ADD/C.
    This tape was recorded by Mike Pack in a garage in North Chattanooga, (maybe) in early 2000 and (probably) on a soon-to-be-broken 4 track. The rest of the details are fuzzy. If ADD/C ever makes it to your town, please go see them. You will not regret it. Better yet, ask them to play one of these songs and see if hilarity ensues when they forget how to play it.
                         Flier from 2001 by Chrissie and me.
                      Flier from 2003 by me.
                      Download ADD/C tape
                     Thanks to Cole and Daniel for fuzzy details.
      I just realized that I didn't even explain what they sound like, but you can just download the tape and figure it out for yourself.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIRTY MOUTH - Demo - Tape - 2011

   This summer, my band had the pleasure of playing in a basement in Columbus, Ohio with DIRTY MOUTH. Before the show, my friend Leanne (the bass player) said she felt funny that she was 28 years old and this was the first band that she had ever played in. I wish that my first band would've been at least half this good, but we sucked ass. These three women played through tiny practice amps, but their sound and presence was commanding and loud. This blown-out sounding tape is their first recording and their vocal range on some of the songs, especially "The Shit We Get", kinda blew my tour-addled mind. My friend, Cinque and I kept looking at each other while they were playing, being dumbly happy and mouthing "Yes!" at each other. The lyrics are great and cover feminism, homophobia and racial stereotypes. Hopefully, these women will keep belting out great punk music and put out some more stuff in the future.
  You can write them at for your own copy of this tape.
                  Download DIRTY MOUTH

Monday, October 10, 2011

RED HERRING - Both 7"'s - 2006

   During their short existence, RED HERRING was my favorite band from Portland, OR. I believe some people would be a little dismayed once they heard that the instruments in the band consisted of drums, a banjo and a tuba; thoughts and nightmares of past folk-punk atrocities dancing across their damaged brains. But never fear! I would not steer you down that path! Think more along the lines of people who grew up studying records by THE EX or DE KIFT and playing in bands like HARUM SCARUM and THE FOREHEADS. They sang fierce songs about politics, the anxiety of isolation and issues with mental health. In their short time, RED HERRING put out these 2 7"'s, one LP and toured Europe, but not the US. I don't have the LP because they only put it out in Europe, even though they easily have a ton of friends here who would buy it (ahem..repress it someone). I'm pretty sure these records are long out of print as well.. Enjoy!
                       Download RED HERRING

HICKEY MILLION - Tape - 1996

    On Christmas day in 1996, two of the Mission District's best bands got together with a shoddy 4 track and recorded this crazy shit. HICKEY and 50 MILLION hung out together, played shows together, and did boatloads of drugs together. Why not play music together as one big band doing each other's songs as well as a Billy Bragg cover? I wish they would've recorded more than five songs, but I'm not complaining. I'm glad it even happened in the first place. I'm also glad that most of these people made it out of the 90's Mission punk days alive and continue to write inspiring music.
    If you want to order a CD of these songs (with a different mix) as well as 30 more songs by 50 MILLION, you can find it right here.
                   Download HICKEY MILLION

Friday, October 7, 2011

JARVIS - Tape- 2000

   JARVIS was, to me, one of the most underrated bands of the Region Rock genre (if one can go so far as to call it a genre). They put out one 7" that was given a lukewarm reception by uninformed reviewers all across this godforsaken land. They also cranked out a slew of tapes that ranged in sound quality from "really good" to "whoa...really?" (Coincidentally, the worst quality tape they made is my favorite one ever...). I think this tape was recorded just before their seven inch and it has the best sound quality of all of their tapes.
   The band was formed in Huntsville, AL sometime around the turn of the century and they lasted for a couple of years. They went on a few tours in a van that had no registration, no license plate and you had to hold the gearshift in drive or it wouldn't move. They wrote energetic, thoughtful, amazing music that will stick with me forever. The "official" release of this tape only had 6 songs on it, but I included the other 5 songs that they recorded during the same session that, for some reason, never made it on to any other release. I feel lucky to have been around this band for most of their existence and you should expect to see more stuff by them on here in the well as more info about them when I haven't been working all night and feel completely braindead.
                      Photo by Brontez
                      Download JARVIS
  Features current and former members of ADD/C, ALABAMA JIHAD, HIDDEN SPOTS, RICE HARVESTER, PANIC BUTTONS, TRUE STEREO and many more.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

THE KNOCKABOUTS - On Suffering Remembered - 7" - 1995

   THE KNOCKABOUTS and GNP were two of my home state of Alabama's first hardcore bands. THE KNOCKABOUTS formed in 1982 and their first show was performing at a talent show at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I've really never known too much about them, but I picked up this 7" in '95 when I lived in Huntsville and it stayed close to my turntable for months...years even (it's next to my turntable right now.). "The Beautiful" has been a mixtape staple for years and is the perfect angry blast for any teenager who has to grow up around fuckheads in rural Alabama. I usually hate it when any band covers "Sweet Home Alabama", but when it's a hardcore band from the state in question and they change the lyrics to put down rednecks and oppression, I can get behind it. My favorite song on here is either "Sick Society" or "Fast Pulse", which contains the classic line "Help me, I'm trapped in a human body!" I later changed that line for a tape comp that I put out and called it "Help me, I'm trapped in a Ford Festiva!"
  Prank Records put out this 7" in 1995, but all the songs are from their 1983 demo tape. You can find out more info about THE KNOCKABOUTS here.
  Totally raging, totally worth your time. Eight songs in about 10 minutes.

   Also, I love this video.....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MATTY AND MAX - Split 7" - 1997

   Nine years ago today, a man named Matty Luv passed away. The songs that he wrote with many of his bands (but primarily HICKEY) changed the way that I look at music. He was one of a kind and will never be forgotten. I still can't walk down 24th street in SF (2 blocks from my house)  or eat at El Farolito without thinking about him. I'll keep it short since I've written plenty about him in the past.
  This 7" came out in '97 or so and catches Matty at a solo show after the FUCKBOYZ broke up. It's pretty raw and fun. The flip side is by his friend, Max, and it's seriously one of the best acoustic songs ever written. You can download a lot of other music by Matty at Cosmic Hearse and Terminal Escape. Listen to it all day or just go out in the sun, eat a burrito and start a new band.
                            Photo by Karoline Collins
                            Download MATTY AND MAX
Link repaired September 2014

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


     In 2001, I got a letter about my zine from a nice young punk kid named Jamie from Islip,NY.. The only mail I usually got regarding my zine either said "Here's two bucks. Send me your zine." or "Your pinball reviews suck." This letter was an actual letter. Jamie said that he really liked my zine a lot. It was sincere, encouraging and heartfelt. Jamie told me about his life and wanting to get out of the suburbs, wanting to travel with a band. He said maybe one day he would get down to Chattanooga and meet me. I kept in touch with him through letters and he kept me updated on his exodus from Long Island; about busking on the streets, getting beaten up by frat boys, getting his heart broken and all the things inbetween. True to his word, he made it to Chattanooga with his band, THE LAZER. His band fought each other on and off stage. I took him out for pizza and and he was just as sweet and sincere as the letters I got from him.I liked this guy a lot. He was a real fuck-up, but a loveable one: the kind that is harder and harder to find as you get older.
   The years went on and Jamie and I strayed a part a little bit. but it was always good to see him. He would give me any new music that he was working on at the time and never take any money from me, even when I shoved it in his hand. He would just drop it on the ground.
  "We're friends, Greg. We don't need money between us"
   The funny thing was that he wouldn't just give me one record, he would give me 5 or 6 and tell me to give them away to anyone who wanted it. Over the years, he probably gave me 20 copies of both BENT OUTTA SHAPE LP's and I've never held on to them because I gave them all away (As of 4 weeks ago, I now have my own copy of "Stray Dog Town". Thanks Naters!)
  All the music he gave me was good...straight from the heart...Even when I didn't really like it that much, I could appreciate it because Jamie was giving it his all every time. I saw BENT OUTTA SHAPE play to almost no one in a basement in Indiana and they played the show as if it was a sold out crowd at Madison Square Gardens. Totally rockin', Totally devoid of ego or posturing.
  There was one time that I stayed at his place in Brooklyn. It was late and I came home alone, trying to be quiet and sneaking under his loft to go to sleep. He peered over the side of the loft and told me to come up for a drink before bed. I said "I don't know, Jimbo. I'm kinda tired and already a little drunk"
 He said "One drink. One record. That's all i ask. I never get to see you."
   I crawled up in the loft, he handed me a tallcan of beer and put on "Tim" by the REPLACEMENTS. We had a nice long talk that covered everything from relationships to tour to future plans to the amazingness of the record we were listening to. As the last notes of "Here Comes a Regular" were fading out, we finished our beers as if on cue. Jamie leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "See...that wasn't so bad hanging out with your old friend, Jamie. Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning."
    We lost touch more over the years. I heard some bad stories, I saw some bad things. Jamie apologized to me in the streets of Brooklyn about things that never happened between us. Ten seconds later, he was getting beaten up by one of his friends. I couldn't really handle it and I left.
  The end of the story isn't the important part. It's too sad. Jamie isn't here anymore and we're left with all this music that is so hard to listen to now. All that heart, bravado, insecurity, longing and heartbreak spread out across some records, fading letters, torn photographs and decaying cassette tapes.I'm really glad I took that time to listen to "Tim" up in his loft. One last moment to say goodbye, even if I didn't know it was gonna be the last time.
  BOSSY AND FRIENDS is a tape that Jamie slipped into my hands while hugging me at a show in Gainesville, FL. It showcased some new bands of his at the time (BOSSY, THE YOUNG MEN and TENDER WIZARDS) and some good friends of his. I hated BOSSY when I first heard them, but it has grown on me over time. The YOUNG MEN song on here is my favorite song they ever did. If anyone knows anything about UPHOLSTERY, please tell me. THE DIRTY LOOKS songs on here are also two of my favorite songs they ever did. This tape catches the Brooklyn punk scene at a good time, just before everything shit the bed. Enjoy. Don't let it bring you down.
                     Download BOSSY AND FRIENDS

Sunday, October 2, 2011


   A little known (or cared about, probably) fact is that the RICE HARVESTER 7" was supposed to be a split 7" with THE CACA WOMEN FROM URANUS. Both bands recorded all their songs for the record on the same day in the same studio with all of the same instruments. A week later, when the final mixes were being done, a member of the CACA WOMEN called the studio, said the band was backing out of the record and these songs never saw the light of day.
   THE CACA WOMEN FROM URANUS formed in a dirty punk house on Roland Road (or near there) in Huntsville, AL and played a bunch of shows around town. I seem to remember one show at an ice cream shop where their drummer was working at the time. During her break, she came out from behind the counter, played the set with her work apron still on and then went back to work as soon as they were done. I think that happened. I could be wrong. It was 14 years ago. Unfortunately, they broke up just when they were getting good and "Don't Talk About It" shows the direction that they were going in with the pop hooks. I hope there are still some all-female teenage punk bands in Northern Alabama that are doing something similar to counteract the dudely aspects of that scene.
                     Download CACA!!