Saturday, October 29, 2011

VENOM - Stage Banter - 1986

   Okay, so this has been passed around all over the world since before the internet ever existed...Thurston Moore even put this out as a single on his Ecstatic Peace label back at the beginning of the 90's....but I like this alot and I like you a lot and I want you to have this. Plus, it's almost Halloween and this recording seems fitting.
   The world was weird back during the 80's. To prove that, the universe put VENOM and BLACK FLAG on the same bill in New Jersey. When VENOM was doing their thing, BLACK FLAG'S roadie, Joe Cole decided to document it on his tape recorder. Later, I'm guessing that he realized that Cronos' stage banter was the real gem here and Mr. Cole cut out all of their music from the set. The end result is hilarious, memorable and highly fucking quotable. Happy Halloween!

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Ian Zamboni said...

Sort of related, in that it's metal-based and a cult classic cassette: The famous "tight bros from way back" tape.