Saturday, October 22, 2011

STRAIGHT YOUTH - "Together We Can Do It" - 7" - 1990

    STRAIGHT YOUTH was a brilliant band. It was comprised of members of a defunct straight-edge hardcore band and they played fake straight-edge better than most of their sXe peers. After the demise of POWERHOUSE (a real South Florida sXe band), Ross Youth (Andrew Powell R.I.P.) broke edge and formed this ridiculous recording project with some other winners who went on to be in bands like CHICKENHEAD, LOS CANADIANS and KREAMY 'LECTRIC SANTA. Apparently, it pissed off members of the sXe community who could not take a joke...or maybe they realized that STRAIGHT YOUTH was better than their stupid band. The song "X on my Hand" is more classic and essential  to me than anything by MINOR THREAT, BOLD and YOUTH OF TODAY combined.
                             TAKE IT LARRY!!!


G O D said...

I posted this some time ago ,as well as more from the 4 and a 1/2 fingers catalog. It is a fine joke of a band ,right in line with The toughskins!

Josh said...

This is the only "region" record I don't own and I wannnnnnt it so bad. "You see a marker, you pick it and put a X on your hand".