Thursday, October 27, 2011

TOTALLY CHAOS - Tape - 2004

    It turns out that I don't really know that much about TOTALLY CHAOS besides these few things: 1. They were from Minneapolis. 2. This tape is their only release. 3. They rule. 4. If you don't like "17th Beer", "Stitches" and "Wild Outside", you might not be into punk.
   Really, that's about it. If you know more info than that, please comment and tell me more.
  This band features members of FROZEN TEENS, HIDDEN SPOTS and many more.
                         Totally Chaotic Download


josh said...

oh fuck yeah!! i've been bugging danica for another copy of this for four years now and she can't ever find one. this rules! i think my old one might have gotten scrapped with the Vanaconda (r.i.p.)

dirty marquee said...

THANXXXX GREG i don't remember when or where i got this tape... maybe crybaby tour? but it ruled then and now.

Dk said...

This is absolutely killer. I don't know where I was or what I was doing when this came out, but I'm kicking myself for missing out. You the man, man.

Harvester said...

Thanks, man

dirtyard designs said...

This is a classic that I rock at work all the time! Now I can tell people to look here for a copy. A note about the tape: The thing was recorded at Mala( defunct collective showspace) by Graham.