Saturday, May 31, 2014

BABE QUEST - Demo - Tape - 2013

   I wish that US DIY musicians had access to a magical free recording studio where they could take in their crappy, duct taped instruments, bash out their stupidly flawless songs and always have it coming out sounding as good as even the crappiest FASTBACKS EP's. I started thinking this when I had "The Wait" by BABE QUEST cranked up to ten in my room and wishing that I could have it cranked to 20 without even distorting a little bit.
   I think BABE QUEST was produced by a bitterly harsh Minneapolis winter...a winter that I hope to never experience or even begin to understand. These two women bash out hook-filled melodic punk that will be stuck in your head all day. Sometimes, it sounds fast and punk. Other times, it can sound like a lost RUNAWAYS demo. Like all demos, it has some missteps, but if you breeze past this and don't have the chorus from "The Wait" stuck in your head for at least an hour, I don't even know what you're doing here.

If you can't tell, that's a fabric tape case at the top with "BABE QUEST" written in glitter paint. 
Find BABE QUEST here and encourage them to upload their songs to their Bandcamp page.

Friday, May 23, 2014


   Life is busy. I forgot how to sleep. My hand hurts too much to type. I did a radio show with my friend Pars this week on MRR. Check it out. More tapes soon.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

VALLEY BOYS - Tape - 2012

   I'm not sure if anyone noticed or not, but I took a 2+ week break from the blog to live life. At the same time, I took a break from the internet in general and noticed that I felt a lot happier. As soon as I went back to catching up on my emails and paying attention to the weird world of online life, I felt anxious and upset. Fact: I didn't use the internet until 2001 or so and I still think it's trash, for the most part.
    Moving on, here's VALLEY BOYS. I got this tape back in 2012 and it blew me away. Then, I put it on a shelf and forgot about it because I do things like that sometimes. I pulled it back down this morning and remembered why I like it so much. It's just simple and great punk. There's no pretense or posturing. It instantly reminded me of THE PROBLEMATICS and other classic Rip-Off Records bands, but they're more interested in punk than the garage rock world. Shit's good. Go for it.

The tape is sold out, but was pressed onto vinyl in Germany by Cut The Cord That...