Sunday, December 29, 2013


FYP - I-Defy House - 1996 - Atlanta, GA - Photo by Greg Harvester

DEAD MOON - Location Unknown - 2005 - City Unknown - Photo by Shannon Smith

SPAWN SACS - Melita's Basement - 1997 - Dalton, GA - Photo by Greg Harvester

RUSSIAN TSARCASM - Graffiti Bridge - 2006 - Bloomington, IN - Photo by Greg Harvester

QUADRILLION BABES - Sweet Hickory - 2008 - Bloomington, IN - Photo by Joe McCann

PIERCED ARROWS - Black Butte Center For Railroad Culture (They're playing on a wooden boxcar with 100 people in it) - 2010 - Weed, CA - Photo by Greg Harvester

PINK COLLAR JOBS - Gorin's Ice Cream - 1997 - Huntsville, AL - Photo by Blair Menace

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

BLOODWALL - "Guitar Tape" - 2011

   I had a pretty light-hearted, fun tape lined up for today, but then I thought "fuck it". Fuck your stupid holiday. You see, I haven't celebrated this weird holiday in earnest since I was a teenager and even then I was only in it purely for the gifts. I mean, I just don't understand it. I don't believe in God (or Satan even). Santa is a really weird person that was made up so that you can learn to lose faith in your parents and believe that they're just gonna lie to you about everything for the rest of your life. And how many people got trampled in a Wal-Mart this season? Whatever. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood because this time of year always puts me in a bad mood and my dad is 3000 miles away and currently hooked up to a ventilator as he slowly fades away from this mortal coil. So, I'm gonna be spending the holiday drinking iced coffee (because I live in a godless city that doesn't completely shut down) and hanging out with incredibly depressed senior citizens,because that's what I get paid to do. Hooray.
   I will also be listening to BLOODWALL, which is just my friend Graham playing layers of guitar on this hour long tape. The first side is all acoustic and reminds me a little bit of John Fahey at times if he lived in a cold house in south Minneapolis with a dirt yard. The second side is electric and is both plaintive and meditative. You'll like it or you won't. I truly don't care if you do, but I love it. Live, BLOODWALL sometimes plays behind a wall of amps to the accompaniment of noise, radios tuned between stations and other odds and ends. The results can be truly hypnotic.

Graham also plays in VISITOR and can put any noise you want on a mono lathe-cut record over at 2208 Records.

If you truly enjoy the holidays or think that making your kid believe in Santa is worthwhile, don't let me ruin your parade. It takes all kinds to make this world interesting.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

COLD LAKE - "Live on KEXP" - Tape - 2010

  I met my friend Clyde way back in the early part of the 00's when he played guitar in an old time band. I even went on tour as their roadie after walking out of my shitty kitchen job. I lived in Clyde's room for a short time after that tour and would listen to old tapes of his long-running (and still running) band, YOUR HEART BREAKS while hiding from the world outside. These times made me associate Clyde's musical output with old-time music, homo-pop love songs and punk songs about fucking on rooftops.
  That's why I was surprised when Clyde handed me this tape a few years ago and said "Here's a live recording of my new hardcore band!" Like all of us, Clyde is multi-faceted and sometimes wants to play a short-scale bass through an amp that could kill you while screaming their fucking head off. So, he got this band together with some old, old friends in Seattle and made it happen. Corey, James and Zachary handle the vocals, guitar and drums respectively and take their influences from a place where I never took mine, so I don't really know what they are, but I'm gonna take a guess that it's a lot of thickneck 90's hardcore from the Pacific Northwest with singers who sound like they wear cardigans.
   This tape features 4 songs from a live broadcast on KEXP in Seattle and oh-my-god-the-bass-is-loud-in-the-mix, but it still rules. The fifth song is a demo for a comp the band was on. The band went on to put out two tapes that came packaged in a DVD-sized box along with a box-cutter. If you'd like to hear that stuff, look over to the COLD LAKE bandcamp. If you want the box set, I think you're shit outta luck.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

DAS BEACH BOYS - "New Das Beach Boys Experience" - Tape- 2007

   Sometimes, you're sitting around the kitchen drinking whiskey, listening to tapes late at night and your friend puts on some harsh noise and it hits you in just the right way. This tape hit me in the right way and I'm actually not sure if it's harsh noise because I don't really know what that shit is. Nonetheless, I like this.
  This was volume 3 in a "Singles Going Steady" series. Volume one was a Worcester party covers band. Volume 2 was a huge punk band covering frat rock , like "Louie Louie" and "Wooly Bully"...with 4 guitars and 6 singers and Mike Leslie stomping on a piano and Crusty Tim throwing up a raw egg. In this volume, the band DAS BEACH BOYS assaults your eardrums with layers upon layers of the sounds of things on books, record players, hair, light bulbs, AM radios, fireworks, leaves,etc,etc..., Members of the band might have been Dan Wars, Crusty Tim, Sela, EZ Bake, Marky Metal, Mike Leslie, Nixie and a woman who sang on some AGAINST ME songs. The tape originally came with a booklet and a book of matches. Turn this up and burn some shit.

Thanks to Caitlin for the tape.
Thanks to Dan Wars for info.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

GOURMET SCUM - 3x Cassingle - Tape - 2008

    In Indiana, I worked in a screenprinting shop with my friend Benny. In addition to spending 40 hours a week making each other crack up over ridiculous shit, we also rounded out the rhythm section of our band, PEDRO SAYS HI with our friends, Zak and Leah. Sometimes, I would get a ride home from work in Benny's car and we would blast THE BODY out of his shitty factory speakers while sitting with the windows down in traffic. During one of these drives, he told me that he had started a new band that was more inspired by THE BODY, skating, Dinosaurs Attack cards and just being fucking loud and noisy. It was called GOURMET SCUM, named after his favorite fictitious band.
  I went to see them in a basement soon after that. They started off their set by taking big hits off of a joint and then passing it into the audience.I noticed that they had also placed a huge bottle of whiskey on the floor in front of them, free for anyone to take drinks from. For the next 20-30 minutes, they destroyed the eardrums of the audience with downtuned sludge and space-guitar weirdness. While most of the band held the songs down, their second guitarist, Ryan, would just be in his own world, creating noise and going off on a tangent. It didn't always work, but it was more interesting than any other band that played that night. By the end of the show, I was sold. I didn't only like this band, I wanted to be IN the band. I brought it up to Benny and by the next week, I was their 3rd guitarist.
    For the next few months, we hauled our fucked up, old amps to basements and skateparks to play to unenthusiastic punks. I didn't even care if people liked us because the band was so much fun to hang out with. Just as quickly as I joined them, I also quickly left them to move out west because the Midwest was killing me slowly. They moved on and even went on tour a couple of times. A few months after moving, I was walking out of a PIERCED ARROWS show in SF and Ryan was standing there with a hug and this small handful of tapes. I woke up a few days ago and this is all I wanted to listen to, so I thought maybe someone else would like to hear it as well.

   I'm pretty sure the line-up on this tape is as follows: Benny on vocals and guitar. Brent on bass. Ryan on guitar. JRD on drums. The covers were screened onto taped up beer boxes. It was probably recorded by JRD in his basement. The band also put out a split tape with LANDLORD on Magnetic South, which is way out of print.

The three guitar line-up played (horribly) on radio station WFHB's local live radio show,where we were required to play one original and a cover. The cover we chose was "Hashslinger" by 90's Bloomington sound-geniuses JACKWACKER. You can hear those songs here, along with the live songs by QUADRILLION BABES.

Friday, December 20, 2013


   The blog and computer are now repaired and we will return to our regularly unscheduled program. Multiple truckloads of thanks go to Anandi Wonder for doing most of the repairs while I walked around in circles complaining like a stressball spacecase. Just as many thank-you's and high fives should go to people who donated money to help cover repairs to the computer. You're all very wonderful people.
Expect more music very soon.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


   One thing I really hate doing more than most things is asking for money. I really don't think that the readers of this blog owe me anything, but I feel like you can make your own decisions. Long story short: the computer containing all the music files ever shared on this blog is damaged. An airline broke it but they don't care about my stupid shit. If you have downloaded music from this blog in the past and think it's worth your time to donate money towards fixing the damn thing, feel free to do so. If I end up getting more than the cost of repairs, I will put that money directly towards improving the operations of the blog and will promise to keep doing the blog for the duration of 2014, if not longer.
    The computer is used primarily to upload music files, check my email and write articles for MRR. That's about it, if you needed more into.

Thanks. You are awesome, whether or not you donate money. 
  1. No more need for donations.Thanks!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SUBCLINIX - Demo - Tape - 2011

    Do you ever have that feeling that you want to see a punk band who sounds like they only have a record collection that consists of "Killed By Death" compilations...or even better, they just own the original records compiled on those comps? Well, I do sometimes. I feel like I've tried to voice this to friends in the past and then they try to turn me on to some crappy pop-punk band who probably listens to fucking NOFX records at home.
   SUBCLINIX is the band I'm looking for in these moments. They're just fucking punk. They're great and they have hooks. My band played with them in a dingy Oakland basement a few years ago and I could have just gone home happy immediately after their set, but we still had to play. I bought their fucking tape and here it is. They're still a band, but they don't play too often. Deal with it.

Monday, December 2, 2013


SKIMASK - Charlie's Kitchen - 2013 - Boston, MA - Photo By Greg Harvester

ONE REASON - Rhino's - 2006 - Bloomington, IN - Photo by Ben Rains (?) (Teaching graffiti kids how to spell)

WAR TORN BABIES - The Headquarters - 1999 - Asheville, NC - Photo by Chrissie Lozano

SHONEN KNIFE - The Rickshaw Stop - 2010 - San Francisco, CA - Photo by Greg Harvester

NEON PISS - La  Miroiterie - 2012 - Paris, France - Photo by ???

DEEP TEENS - The Lab - 2013 - San Francisco, CA - Photo by Greg Harvester

DISPLEASURE - Dead Rat Beach - 2012 - Oakland, CA - Photo by Greg Harvester

Sunday, December 1, 2013


   In our world of instant music over-sharing and having every song in the world at your fingertips, I still think the mix tape is important. It's small, breakable and tinny sounding. It's the long post-script to the handwritten letter you wrote to someone. It's all the things you were too afraid to say in person. It's the thank-you note to a house full of friends who let you sleep on the couch when you had nowhere else to go. Sometimes, it's just a plastic case of quarter-inch analog tape that gets thrown in the bottom of a milk crate until it's discovered by an unintended party 20 years too late. My friend, Lisa used to wear a mix tape on a chain around her neck and when any situation got boring, she would put it on the stereo and dance her troubles away.
    I made this tape (pictured above) for myself to take on tour in 2001 (probably). I found a busted 30 minute tape laying around the house and quickly made this mix. As soon as I finished making it, I took it out of the stereo and jokingly wrote "Best Mix Tape in the World" on it (since faded and rubbed away). Over time, those words rang true (tastes are subjective) and friends on tour with me would ask "Can we listen to the best mix tape in the world?" I never put it in a case, so it's beaten up, broken, warbly and fucked up. Also, it was recorded on a fucked up stereo and (I'll put this in caps for anyone just skimming this article) EVERY SONG IS RECORDED JUST A LITTLE BIT TOO FAST, which makes them better, in my opinion. I think I took this tape with me on every tour, hitchhiking trip or random travels for about 7 or 8 years until it just seemed like it would fall apart....yet, here it is, still playing as good as it did when I first made it....kind of.
   All of the songs are fairly well known (to punks), with a few curve balls thrown in, including the band of Ohioan mad man Yuri Garcia (I forgot the band name), who unwittingly offered up his ode to the late night booty call, "Crosstown Booty". Also included is (count 'em) three songs by the wild-ass Florida institution known as the TRASH MONKEYS. One of them is a confusing ballad about George Washington needing to put some clothes on if he's gonna be standing on "that sexy quarter". You should probably know the rest...and if you don't, there's info that is readily available to you via this internet box.

There is a part during the GEN X song where I accidentally leaned down and pressed "record" instead of "stop" on the boombox between the seats of the tour van. We were getting pulled over by the cops. If that disrupts your listening experience, that song is available for download elsewhere on the internet, as are many of the other songs. 

If anyone has extra info on the prank caller who closes out the tape, please get in touch. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

YOGURT - Collected Songs - Tape - 1993 - 2002?

  I want to start this off by saying that I'm not sure if I can tell you much more about YOGURT that hasn't already been said more eloquently here or here.
   For the uninitiated, YOGURT is the home recorded output and brainchild of HICKEY guitarist/vocalist, Matty Luv. Also thrown into the mix was his longtime collaborator/best friend Aesop Dekker, various housemates, random bandmates, answering machines, found tapes and whoever happened to walk by when he was recording. YOGURT was often unfairly held up to the same standards of HICKEY, who's recorded output was completely unfuckwithable, but YOGURT was a different beast altogether. It's fairly standard practice for the general public to hold an artist up to their past accomplishments and scrutinize their current projects in this fashion. I was told by a few different people that YOGURT was "kind of like HICKEY without teeth", but I think this is wrong. YOGURT, while made by the same people, was experimenting into different realms and allowing themselves to be silly when they felt like it. As awesome as HICKEY was, it seemed like the band became a job to those involved where they had to take on a role as some sort of gutter-punk superhero at all times. I imagine that it must have been free-ing to let their guard down and branch out with a lot of this home recorded material. I dubbed a bunch of these songs off of my friend Sarah T when I stayed in her room in Georgia for a week. Over the years, many of these songs have become indispensable to me. From the noisy, sample laden experimentation to the beautiful guitar layered instrumentals to the short pop songs
  For a short time, YOGURT was a live band, featuring the original HICKEY lineup of Matty, Aesop and Chubby. I was visiting San Francisco in the late 90's and I found out that they were playing a bike messenger bar in the SOMA neighborhood. No less than three people tried to talk me out of going, explaining that YOGURT was boring and nothing like their former glory. I didn't care. I was some young southern punk visiting from Alabama and I wanted to see these guys that I looked up to. After dodging a fist fight in the alley, I made my way inside and, no, they were nothing like HICKEY because they weren't trying to be like that. It was still rad and I'm glad I didn't follow the advice of any of my friends. I feel lucky that I got to see them at all.
    This download is taken from the (now dead) link from the Cosmic Hearse blog and contains a ton of songs from different tapes. There's even more YOGURT songs out there. I once sifted through a small cardboard box full of random tapes from Matty's room, all of them teeming with home recorded songs and hazy band practices. The sheer amount of music that he recorded is dizzying to think about. Please enjoy this small bit of some of the best stuff he put out there.

Monday, November 25, 2013

TRAUMA HARNESS - "Leechman / New Dark World" - Tape - 2012

    Whenever I see the unmistakable art of Lumpy, I pick up the release and take it without any thought because I know that the sounds contained within will be interesting, thought-provoking and/or fucking punk in the exact way that I like. I ran into this tape on an icy cold January day at a record store in Asheville, NC. It was only $1.95. The clerk looked at it and sniffed "You actually want this?" Yeah.

   TRAUMA HARNESS plays dark, noisy, fucked post-punk and the two songs on this cassingle are a stellar intro into what the band has to offer. "Leechman" is upbeat, yet dark and creepy, but "New Dark World" is what really made my $1.95 feel well spent. The song is held together by a dark, repetitive bass line while the guitar riffs away into single-note abandon. It sounds claustrophobic and tense. It also reminds me of how I wanted JOY DIVISION to sound when I was a teenage punk, rather than what they actually sound like, if that makes any sense. Download it and listen to it while walking down a cold, lonely street at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday and see if you get chills.

To hear more by TRAUMA HARNESS, check out their Bandcamp page. You could also just download this tape from them, rather than getting my rip from the cassette. To order physical tapes and more, I urge you to click over to Spotted Race and spend your stupid cash on weird ephemera to clutter your room.
I meant to upload this yesterday, but I got terribly distracted by a text flurry...I mean, it's 2013. Deal with it. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

TRENCHES - Demo - Tape - 2013

   I have a problem of either showing up to parties too early when no one is there or too late when everyone is too drunk to form sentences. It's a rare occasion when I show up and the party is in full swing. Everyone is dancing. People are looking good. The party conversation is tight.
    I could apply this same line of thought to the Oakland hardcore scene. I was trying to see  REPLICA for ages, but I would always show up too late and walk in when they hit the last note of the last song. Same thing with PERMANENT RUIN and NO STATIK. When I finally saw all of these bands, they blew my little fucking mind (and still do). So, when I was rushing over to the East Bay on the train last week to go see TRENCHES, I wasn't too surprised to find that I had missed them by 5 minutes (I still got to see THE LIGHT though, so it's still a win). I bought a tape because I knew it would be good and I wasn't wrong.

    TRENCHES combines members of HUNTING PARTY, REPLICA, NO BABIES and more to bring you vicious, snarling, ragged Bay Area hardcore. Boo Boo, on vocals, explodes into every song. The band sounds tough, yet paranoid and on guard at all times...which is actually just what it's like to live in Oakland most of the time. In short, this shit rules and I can't wait until the day when I'm finally in the same room with them. Don't show up too late to the party.

Also, follow that link to buy your own tape. 5 songs in less than 5 minutes!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


NEON PISS - On The Streets - 2011 - Worcester, MA - Photo By Greg Harvester

THE DUNGEONEERS - Distant Castle - 2013 - Worcester, MA - Photo by Greg Harvester

COUNTY Z - The Hi Ho Lounge - 2003 - New Orleans, LA - Photo by Greg Harvester

DOO RAG - Live on the Radio - 1994 - Birmingham, AL - Photo by Angie Elliott

JARVIS - Some Club - 2001 - Huntsville, AL - Photo By Brontez Purnell

JIMMY SHOTWELL - Crabb Fest - 2010 - Athens, OH - Photo by Greg Harvester

BLACK RAINBOW - The Vault - 2009 - Milwaukee, WI - Photo by Andy Junk

Monday, November 18, 2013

BLOOD TRUCK - Tape - 2004

   In my mind, BLOOD TRUCK was around long enough to make this tape, dub 12 copies of it and go on a short tour with BEASTHEAD. I had the good fortune of seeing both bands play to a tiny but appreciative crowd at a coffeeshop by the tracks in Pensacola, FL.Some of the members lived in the decaying, rotting warehouse called Nowe Miasto in New Orleans, which would be flooded by Hurricane Katrina within a couple of years.
   This eight song tape showcases the ramshackle, falling apart glory that was BLOOD TRUCK. Inspiration by TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS, feminist theory and New Orleans life makes for quite an interesting listening experience. Get fucked.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

ROOT ROT - Demo - Tape - 2012

   When I was growing up in my two-stoplight town, I got a cheap drum set and set out to learn how to play it. I read articles in corporate magazines about how the RAMONES played laughably simple songs, so I set out to play along to their records. When I listened to them, they sounded so pro to me. Machine-like. Precise. Perfect. What they play is not actually simple. I'm pretty sure that whoever the idiot was that played drums for THE EAGLES could never play as fast and precise as Marky Ramone.
   I didn't realize it for another year or two, but I needed to be listening to bands like BEAT HAPPENING or the first BIKINI KILL 12" that was sometimes rudimentary and rough around the edges but still forceful and fucking punk in their own unique ways. I would've even settled for any peers who were into punk and had a cool band, but I wasn't even lucky enough for that. Instead, I would just play a fucked up, 13 year old kid version of a blast beat while one of my friends would just make noise on a guitar for eight minutes and we would call that a song. It sucked.
   I needed a band in my town like ROOT ROT, who are rudimentary and basic, yet they get their point across....and they know how to play chords most of the time. When I first heard the band, I was convinced it was three 8 year old girls. That's not a slight against them, but an honest observation. Now, I'm convinced that they're either teenagers or in their 30's, but really, their age is probably the least important thing about them. They rumble through their songs with a fucked up guitar tone and a refreshing don't-give-a-fuck attitude. One of my favorite songs on this tape is "Fuck Gender" but my favorite moment of all is at the end of "Cult" when the band is chanting "Outside of society! That's where I wanna be!" along to an accompaniment of a shambling SHAGGS-like drumbeat. It's totally perfect. Somehow, ROOT ROT takes different elements of OLD SKULL, early CRASS and other weird old UK punk and make it work for them in their own weird way. I really wish they had been around when I was a kid, but I'll take it now too.

Side 2 is left on here as one long track. On the tape, it states "screwing around side." More accurately, it sounds like someone turned on a tape recorder during band practice while a toddler walked around them....and an answering machine message...and some other stuff....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

VACCUUM - "Space-Fi Demo" - Tape - 2011

   When my band went to Europe last year, I had a daily ritual in the van. No matter what, I would make a point to listen to the entire FROZEN TEENS LP (buy it here) and this VACCUUM demo. I had previously heard the original VACCUUM demo and even seen the band live, but I would be hard pressed to tell you what they sound like other than "noisy hardcore". With this demo, something clicked in my head and I've had it on repeat ever since. The band took four songs from two different EP's and gave them a serious remix...and the drums are played on a shoe box...and the vocals are almost bored...I don't know...I love this shit soooo much. It's the perfect kind of music for a tape. It just sounds perfectly fucked out.
   This tape is an excellent compliment to their later EP that was given the remix treatment by PIG HEART TRANSPLANT. To tell you the truth, I don't even remember what the original band sounds like because I've listened to their remixes way more than their original recordings. Join me, why don't you? Get obsessed.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

EVERYTHING WENT PINK - Compilation - Tape - 2000

   "Everything Went Pink" is a tape that was released by Dan B back in 2000 that specifically covered the DIY punk scene in Asheville, NC, which was mostly centered around a giant punk house called the Pink House (located at/near 201's now either a parking lot or condos.) It was kind of a magical time in the history of that town. A whole bunch of freaks happened to converge on the town all at once, from Minneapolis, New Orleans, California, Montreal and even the suburbs of Buncombe County. Some lived in cold-ass houses in Woodfin. Other lived in makeshift shacks out by the freeway (like everyone in MARGARET MOTHER OF THIEVES). Many others, including myself, lived in the Pink House, right in the middle of all the chaos. The house itself was kind of a freak magnet since it was a giant two-story pink place, the door was almost always unlocked, it housed a teeming library and it welcomed just about anyone who walked through the door. The landlord was a member of CRASH WORSHIP and he could often be found smoking weed by the toxic creek in our back yard. I'm pretty sure that, at one point, 17 people were living in the house.
    There was a time when there was almost nowhere for DIY punk bands to play in town, so a bunch of folks from the house decided to clear out piles of the landlord's bikes and crap in the basement to make their own show space. There was a big problem though. Raw sewage and toxic creek water leaked straight into the basement, right into the area where bands would play. No problem...a group of punks (namely Joseph, Big Mike and Ed....possibly Luke too) built a retaining wall / ditch all the way through the basement and bored a hole though the back wall so that water could drain out though ANOTHER drainage ditch into the toxic creek! Thus, the punk club, Oh My! was born. Every time a band played there, the audience ran the risk of falling into the shitty toxic trough and the band ran the risk of getting a huge electrical shock! Still, it was the best place for shows and it's where I saw many life-changing events.

  Most of the songs on this tape were recorded live on a handheld tape recorder at Oh My! Others were recorded at clubs in town, other houses and shacks. Most of the sound quality could be described as "assy", but I respect that the bands worked with what they had, which was almost nothing. Lots of bands on this tape don't have any other recordings. Many do. You can try and differentiate that distinction for yourself. Bands include WAR TORN BABIES, CRAP FACTORY, ASTRID OTO, RAT ATTACK, CHRIST FILTHY DOGS (which I've been wanting to re-use as a band name for years), DEAD THINGS, TRASH NIGHT and more. There's 43 songs in all. Enjoy or don't.

Did I upload this just to have digital copies of SLATTER HAGS and the final song on the tape? Possibly, but don't tell anybody. 
Tape hiss abounds. Terrible sound quality. Totally beautiful. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

PHOTO POST - Behind The Music Edition

Roadies A.M.O.S. and Evan on ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT tour - The Hideout - 2003 - Harwood, ND - Photo by Greg Harvester

Morgan and Ivy losing their minds on a particularly long drive on BLACK RAINBOW tour - The Van - 2008 - Somewhere in Florida - Photo by Shannon Smith

Boat Life with Evan and Sarah - The Tsun Ozzy - 2002 - Somewhere in eastern Tennessee - Photo by Greg Harvester

Carey's bloody hand / guitar after a DRILLER KILLERS show - Melita's basement - 1997 - Dalton, GA - Photo by Greg Harvester

YOUR HEART BREAKS pre-show set up - Sweet Hickory - 2008 - Bloomington, IN - Photo by Greg Harvester

Chrissie and Carey finishing zines at Kinko's and drinking all the free coffee - Kinko's - 2001 - Asheville, NC - Photo by Greg Harvester

Ryan and Chrissie in the van on JARVIS / DICK WAN DYKES tour - The Van - 2000 - Somewhere in North Carolina - Photo by Greg Harvester

Helping hands in the pit - Some punk show - 2004 - Chattanooga, TN - Photo by Shannon Smith