Sunday, December 22, 2013

DAS BEACH BOYS - "New Das Beach Boys Experience" - Tape- 2007

   Sometimes, you're sitting around the kitchen drinking whiskey, listening to tapes late at night and your friend puts on some harsh noise and it hits you in just the right way. This tape hit me in the right way and I'm actually not sure if it's harsh noise because I don't really know what that shit is. Nonetheless, I like this.
  This was volume 3 in a "Singles Going Steady" series. Volume one was a Worcester party covers band. Volume 2 was a huge punk band covering frat rock , like "Louie Louie" and "Wooly Bully"...with 4 guitars and 6 singers and Mike Leslie stomping on a piano and Crusty Tim throwing up a raw egg. In this volume, the band DAS BEACH BOYS assaults your eardrums with layers upon layers of the sounds of things on books, record players, hair, light bulbs, AM radios, fireworks, leaves,etc,etc..., Members of the band might have been Dan Wars, Crusty Tim, Sela, EZ Bake, Marky Metal, Mike Leslie, Nixie and a woman who sang on some AGAINST ME songs. The tape originally came with a booklet and a book of matches. Turn this up and burn some shit.

Thanks to Caitlin for the tape.
Thanks to Dan Wars for info.

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we were really good