Friday, December 20, 2013


   The blog and computer are now repaired and we will return to our regularly unscheduled program. Multiple truckloads of thanks go to Anandi Wonder for doing most of the repairs while I walked around in circles complaining like a stressball spacecase. Just as many thank-you's and high fives should go to people who donated money to help cover repairs to the computer. You're all very wonderful people.
Expect more music very soon.


Dk said...

Welcome back Greg. It just goes to show that you can be down for a while, but not necessarily out for the count. One question, though. Can people still donate just in care this type of thing happens again? (On a purely voluntary basis, of course.) Just curious.

Harvester said...

I'd rather people didn't donate in that way. I can't keep track of money very well and I would just spend it on food or records. The computer would've gotten fixed either way and I appreciate the quick donations that way. Thanks for asking though.