Tuesday, December 24, 2013

COLD LAKE - "Live on KEXP" - Tape - 2010

  I met my friend Clyde way back in the early part of the 00's when he played guitar in an old time band. I even went on tour as their roadie after walking out of my shitty kitchen job. I lived in Clyde's room for a short time after that tour and would listen to old tapes of his long-running (and still running) band, YOUR HEART BREAKS while hiding from the world outside. These times made me associate Clyde's musical output with old-time music, homo-pop love songs and punk songs about fucking on rooftops.
  That's why I was surprised when Clyde handed me this tape a few years ago and said "Here's a live recording of my new hardcore band!" Like all of us, Clyde is multi-faceted and sometimes wants to play a short-scale bass through an amp that could kill you while screaming their fucking head off. So, he got this band together with some old, old friends in Seattle and made it happen. Corey, James and Zachary handle the vocals, guitar and drums respectively and take their influences from a place where I never took mine, so I don't really know what they are, but I'm gonna take a guess that it's a lot of thickneck 90's hardcore from the Pacific Northwest with singers who sound like they wear cardigans.
   This tape features 4 songs from a live broadcast on KEXP in Seattle and oh-my-god-the-bass-is-loud-in-the-mix, but it still rules. The fifth song is a demo for a comp the band was on. The band went on to put out two tapes that came packaged in a DVD-sized box along with a box-cutter. If you'd like to hear that stuff, look over to the COLD LAKE bandcamp. If you want the box set, I think you're shit outta luck.

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HEH said...

I'm enjoying discovering this blog.
Cold Lake is great listening. Thanks!