Sunday, November 10, 2013

PHOTO POST - Behind The Music Edition

Roadies A.M.O.S. and Evan on ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT tour - The Hideout - 2003 - Harwood, ND - Photo by Greg Harvester

Morgan and Ivy losing their minds on a particularly long drive on BLACK RAINBOW tour - The Van - 2008 - Somewhere in Florida - Photo by Shannon Smith

Boat Life with Evan and Sarah - The Tsun Ozzy - 2002 - Somewhere in eastern Tennessee - Photo by Greg Harvester

Carey's bloody hand / guitar after a DRILLER KILLERS show - Melita's basement - 1997 - Dalton, GA - Photo by Greg Harvester

YOUR HEART BREAKS pre-show set up - Sweet Hickory - 2008 - Bloomington, IN - Photo by Greg Harvester

Chrissie and Carey finishing zines at Kinko's and drinking all the free coffee - Kinko's - 2001 - Asheville, NC - Photo by Greg Harvester

Ryan and Chrissie in the van on JARVIS / DICK WAN DYKES tour - The Van - 2000 - Somewhere in North Carolina - Photo by Greg Harvester

Helping hands in the pit - Some punk show - 2004 - Chattanooga, TN - Photo by Shannon Smith


Morgan said...

oh man, I forgot all about getting duct taped inside of the blanket for that maniac drive. I'm pretty sure about 15 minutes after this picture was taken I completely forgot how to speak english. Do you remember when I stole that freemason hat from a truck stop somewhere that day and we started getting followed by those creepy unmarked, fully-tinted vans? (also, what happened to that hat?!?)

Ski said...

Great pictures! I remember that Allergic to Bullshit show in Harwood. That was the summer I moved back to Fargo from New Orleans before moving to Minneapolis and I was staying at My friends house across the street from Taco Johns on 10th st. and got really offended with Ivy when she didn't like the tacos on Taco Tuesday! I took it like a personal blow to my home town. Gods, thats what a summer in Fargo will do to you! Sorry Ivy!
p.s. that was a great show by the way.

Harvester said...

Morgan, what DID happen to that hat? Did the freemasons steal it back? I wish we had a pic of Garritt huddling in the loft behind you.

Ski, Thanks! That show in Harwood was great. I remember getting up in the morning at your place and walking to the tracks to (maybe) puke. A punk girl rode by on a bike and then she just fell over into the grass by the tracks, mumbled "fuuuuuuuuuuucckkkkkkk" and then got up and left. Then, I went to Taco John's, which is the only fast food place I like.