Tuesday, November 5, 2013

SHORE BIRDS / SON SKULL / COMIN' UP ROSES - "Oly Punks Tour '07" - Tape - 2007

   I'm back from travels and it feels good (sort of) to be back home. I stared into dark oceans, looked into the fire, went on a 40 mile bike ride, hung out in the rain, lived life and all that. I have a lot of good stuff lined up for sharing online and I'm starting off with a contribution from my good friend, Alex Turner. Here he is to tell you about it....

   2007. Upwards of 15 people. 2 Vans. 3 Bands. 5 or 6 shows (Olympia, Portland, Oakland, Berkeley, Arcata, Eugene)? 10 days? I don't really know how it all came together, or didn't come together but in 2007 COMIN UP ROSES, SHOREBIRDS, and SON SKULL all went on a west coast tour together, and put out this tape for the occasion. I was there as a nanny for Lilly, Erica was there to help drive, Brother Ben is just really helpful, Kendra and Tinsel, we picked up in the bay, Lilly was almost 2 and Frida was in Mary's belly. Matti, Hendo, The B-Man, Swire, Mary, Nell and Hayes made up the bands. I hope I didn't forget anyone. Thinking back on it, it seems like we were on tour forever, but also I can't remember that many shows, and we went 'tour' camping at least a few times.
    It was one of those times in life where you and your friends felt invincible to the world. What we were doing was the most important and interesting thing, and that we would all be friends forever. This, of course, didn't turn out to be true. We had a lot of fun on that tour and the time leading up to it, and afterwards, as the house it was all centered around (rumbletowne) was evicted it all seemed to loose some steam. Anyways these three bands were great! I had a blast at (nearly) every show that all three of them ever played. I miss some of the friendships and that moment in time, but they are what they were. 
    Thanks to lilly, the track house, the yellow van, olympia, rumbletowne, the glass house, and milk egg.

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hendursohn said...

milk, egg, and just a little bit of blood.
that sure was a blast, axle.