Tuesday, November 19, 2013


NEON PISS - On The Streets - 2011 - Worcester, MA - Photo By Greg Harvester

THE DUNGEONEERS - Distant Castle - 2013 - Worcester, MA - Photo by Greg Harvester

COUNTY Z - The Hi Ho Lounge - 2003 - New Orleans, LA - Photo by Greg Harvester

DOO RAG - Live on the Radio - 1994 - Birmingham, AL - Photo by Angie Elliott

JARVIS - Some Club - 2001 - Huntsville, AL - Photo By Brontez Purnell

JIMMY SHOTWELL - Crabb Fest - 2010 - Athens, OH - Photo by Greg Harvester

BLACK RAINBOW - The Vault - 2009 - Milwaukee, WI - Photo by Andy Junk


Ski said...

Jarvis is one of my favorite Region Rock bands of that era. Nice pictures!

Dk said...

That shot of Mr. Shotwell looks very peaceful. I wonder if Walmart has found out about the spot to build yet another store to underpay their employees with. All cynicism aside, great photos as usual. Violins rule.

smoke ass said...

i was at crabb fest (the photo in which jimmy shotwell was taken in, i presume) and it was fun. i remember talking to jimmy, he's always been a guy i've wanted to meet and i think he'd be fun to write. apparently you can reach him at the address next door from the address found on the inserts of all the old SHOTWELL records. cool stuff.

Harvester said...

Jimmy's address was 378 for about 15 years...Then it was 376 for about 12-13 years. As of last month, his address has changed again, so don't write to him at the San Carlos address. Sorry!