Monday, October 24, 2011

HIDDEN RESENTMENTS - "Hats Off to Miss 125th Street" - Tape - 1996

    The HIDDEN RESENTMENTS always remind me of a time of copy keys, tone dialers, paper food stamps, pay phones and generator shows in the Everglades of Miami. They were around for a short time in the mid-90's and lived in squatted, sinking boats in the Miami bay. They seemed to live solely on a diet of stolen beer, ramen noodles, thieved salad bar items and any food that was taken out of the trash. Their songs were all heartbroken and desperate; like the whole world is gonna end because your partner left you...the kind of music that many people only feel comfortable writing in their early 20's. Somehow though, their theme song is perfect and timeless.
   Recess Records put this out on a 7" four years after they broke up, but did such a shoddy job on it that I think it's not even worth picking up out of a free box. They left the best song off the record, even though it's listed as being on there. If I tell you any more details, it will just delve into shit talk...and we don't shit talk here on the internet.
    Their drummer, Scott lives just across the bay from me and plays in a band that I do not know the name of. The bass player, Cinque, is one of my best friends and now plays in STREET LEGAL. No one really knows what happened to their singer/guitarist Iggy Scam. Some say that he was last seen running out of a store carrying a case of stolen beer and a crowbar while shouting something about Fidel Castro and a lack of pay phones. Others contend that he is squatting an inhabited 60 bedroom mansion on South Miami Beach in a room that no one ever uses while he writes a million page manifesto on conquering the world one scam at a time. Still others have told me that he stopped drinking, changed his name to Erick Lyle, plays in a soft rock band called BLACK RAINBOW, and writes books now. That can't be true though, can it?
re-uploaded Feb 2016


alex said...

can you throw this one back up. I really wanna hear it!

matty shakedown said...

Any chance you can get it back up here on the other downloading site? Guess mediafire is done. Really want this tape!!!

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