Thursday, October 13, 2011

ADD/C - 1st Tape - 2000

   Eleven years ago, when this tape came into my possession, I had no clue that I would still be listening to it and loving it in 2011. I also had no way of knowing that this band would still be around, writing great music and putting out one of my favorite LP's of 2010 (If you don't have their LP, please stop reading this and go order their record right now). ADD/C started in Chattanooga, TN at a time where new bands either played together for years upon years or played one show and broke up the next day. I pegged ADD/C for the latter, but they really proved me wrong. Since then, I have seen them play huge fests, small basements to almost no one, in public parks, and under bridges. Every time, they have been great...even during their famed "endurance test" shows, which is when they keep playing the show until every single person has left the room. I heard that they played at Anarchtica (a punk house in Chattanooga) once for 3 solid hours until the last wasted person finally went outside. Once, someone complained to me, while they were playing, about how ADD/C played every local show and did the same songs every time. After telling them to start their own band so we would have more local bands to choose from, I explained that ADD/C was better than most of the other bands in other cities and we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to scream along to their songs every, we would really miss them when they are gone. He thought about it for a second and then went right up to the front of the room to sing and dance to ADD/C.
    This tape was recorded by Mike Pack in a garage in North Chattanooga, (maybe) in early 2000 and (probably) on a soon-to-be-broken 4 track. The rest of the details are fuzzy. If ADD/C ever makes it to your town, please go see them. You will not regret it. Better yet, ask them to play one of these songs and see if hilarity ensues when they forget how to play it.
                         Flier from 2001 by Chrissie and me.
                      Flier from 2003 by me.
                      Download ADD/C tape
                     Thanks to Cole and Daniel for fuzzy details.
      I just realized that I didn't even explain what they sound like, but you can just download the tape and figure it out for yourself.


gunsofbrages said...

Thank you for uploading this musical gem! I discovered ADD/C last year and it made me start listening to music again.


Cameron Jeffries said...

do you have the add/c and cbow split? I've had that state of the union song stuck in my head for like 6 years and I can't find it anywhere!

Harvester said...

Yes, I have that record, but no digital files of it. I am not so hot at digitizing vinyl right now, but it is definitely on the list. Keep checking back and feel free to bug me.

Jeff Panetta said...

These guys are without a doubt one of the best bands out there right now. Their 12 that Dead Broke put out in 2004 "keepin it real" is some of the best music committed to vinyl. These guys were forever continue to blow my mind with any piece of music they put out, Ever since I heard "keepin it real" I am their biggest fan

Chris said...

Alright so I bought Busy Days 2 years ago and still listen to all the time. I can't get access to any of their old stuff like keepin it real.

Does anyone have it?

Also is this band still making music? Their name is virtually impossible to google efficiently and they don't seem to have a facebook/bandcamp/etc