Monday, October 10, 2011

RED HERRING - Both 7"'s - 2006

   During their short existence, RED HERRING was my favorite band from Portland, OR. I believe some people would be a little dismayed once they heard that the instruments in the band consisted of drums, a banjo and a tuba; thoughts and nightmares of past folk-punk atrocities dancing across their damaged brains. But never fear! I would not steer you down that path! Think more along the lines of people who grew up studying records by THE EX or DE KIFT and playing in bands like HARUM SCARUM and THE FOREHEADS. They sang fierce songs about politics, the anxiety of isolation and issues with mental health. In their short time, RED HERRING put out these 2 7"'s, one LP and toured Europe, but not the US. I don't have the LP because they only put it out in Europe, even though they easily have a ton of friends here who would buy it (ahem..repress it someone). I'm pretty sure these records are long out of print as well.. Enjoy!
                       Download RED HERRING


Iram Acephale Sotavento said...

Hey, I've been looking for this album for so long. The link is broken. Would you consider uploading it again? Please!

Harvester said...

I would consider it but I don't have the digital files any longer. I don't know what happened to them. I'm sorry!