Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MATTY AND MAX - Split 7" - 1997

   Nine years ago today, a man named Matty Luv passed away. The songs that he wrote with many of his bands (but primarily HICKEY) changed the way that I look at music. He was one of a kind and will never be forgotten. I still can't walk down 24th street in SF (2 blocks from my house)  or eat at El Farolito without thinking about him. I'll keep it short since I've written plenty about him in the past.
  This 7" came out in '97 or so and catches Matty at a solo show after the FUCKBOYZ broke up. It's pretty raw and fun. The flip side is by his friend, Max, and it's seriously one of the best acoustic songs ever written. You can download a lot of other music by Matty at Cosmic Hearse and Terminal Escape. Listen to it all day or just go out in the sun, eat a burrito and start a new band.
                            Photo by Karoline Collins
                            Download MATTY AND MAX
Link repaired September 2014


Anonymous said...

thank you for all this I hope you continue to upload more music I appreciate it so much

Anonymous said...

link isnt working and i would LOVE to have this

Harvester said...

It's been fixed