Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIRTY MOUTH - Demo - Tape - 2011

   This summer, my band had the pleasure of playing in a basement in Columbus, Ohio with DIRTY MOUTH. Before the show, my friend Leanne (the bass player) said she felt funny that she was 28 years old and this was the first band that she had ever played in. I wish that my first band would've been at least half this good, but we sucked ass. These three women played through tiny practice amps, but their sound and presence was commanding and loud. This blown-out sounding tape is their first recording and their vocal range on some of the songs, especially "The Shit We Get", kinda blew my tour-addled mind. My friend, Cinque and I kept looking at each other while they were playing, being dumbly happy and mouthing "Yes!" at each other. The lyrics are great and cover feminism, homophobia and racial stereotypes. Hopefully, these women will keep belting out great punk music and put out some more stuff in the future.
  You can write them at for your own copy of this tape.
                  Download DIRTY MOUTH


leanne said...


thanks for such a nice review! it was a pleasant surprise to have been already following yr blog before and then see this. it was great to see you in cbus, i hope we get to hangout again sooner than later. neon piss should come and play here when you tour next, the demo is awesome!

- leanne

Harvester said...

We might try to come out there in the spring/summer. I'll let you know.