Friday, October 7, 2011

JARVIS - Tape- 2000

   JARVIS was, to me, one of the most underrated bands of the Region Rock genre (if one can go so far as to call it a genre). They put out one 7" that was given a lukewarm reception by uninformed reviewers all across this godforsaken land. They also cranked out a slew of tapes that ranged in sound quality from "really good" to "whoa...really?" (Coincidentally, the worst quality tape they made is my favorite one ever...). I think this tape was recorded just before their seven inch and it has the best sound quality of all of their tapes.
   The band was formed in Huntsville, AL sometime around the turn of the century and they lasted for a couple of years. They went on a few tours in a van that had no registration, no license plate and you had to hold the gearshift in drive or it wouldn't move. They wrote energetic, thoughtful, amazing music that will stick with me forever. The "official" release of this tape only had 6 songs on it, but I included the other 5 songs that they recorded during the same session that, for some reason, never made it on to any other release. I feel lucky to have been around this band for most of their existence and you should expect to see more stuff by them on here in the well as more info about them when I haven't been working all night and feel completely braindead.
                      Photo by Brontez
                      Download JARVIS
  Features current and former members of ADD/C, ALABAMA JIHAD, HIDDEN SPOTS, RICE HARVESTER, PANIC BUTTONS, TRUE STEREO and many more.

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