Sunday, October 16, 2011


   I believe that MARGARET MOTHER OF THIEVES started in either Asheville or Minneapolis, but I can't be sure. The first time that I saw them was at one of the best shows that I have ever been to. It was in the basement of a big old punk house on the edge of downtown Asheville and MARGARET MOTHER OF THIEVES opened up the show on a bill that also included TEM EYOS KI, THEUSAISAMONSTER, ANTI-PRODUCT and SUBMISSION HOLD. Everyone in this band lived in homemade shacks out in the woods and their lifestyle was more DIY than most of the people who spoke the loudest about that kind of stuff. Naomi played a violin and a cello that she built from a guitar neck bolted (or taped) to a crutch. I think they also built one of their guitar amps. They played a style of music that I can only compare to a more rudimentary DOG FACED HERMANS, WIRE (if they were low-budget and no-wave) or the members' other bands, like COUNTY Z, IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT and GROUP B. It was urgent, tight yet retaining loose qualities in the right places and open to improvisation.
   Like many great bands, MARGARET MOTHER OF THIEVES crashed and burned early on and all we're left with is this tape. The members of this band went on to form the aforementioned COUNTY Z and IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT Currently, the members of this band are spread out from Maine to California and they are playing music in MOTHER OF FIREVILLAGE OF SPACES CORNERS and more. All of it is worth tracking down. I miss this band more than a lot of other defunct bands.

    Download includes 24 page lyric/art booklet


Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up? i loved this back in the day!

Harvester said...

Yeah, I love this too! but why so anonymous? Also, stay anonymous if you want. No big deal.