Monday, October 10, 2011

HICKEY MILLION - Tape - 1996

    On Christmas day in 1996, two of the Mission District's best bands got together with a shoddy 4 track and recorded this crazy shit. HICKEY and 50 MILLION hung out together, played shows together, and did boatloads of drugs together. Why not play music together as one big band doing each other's songs as well as a Billy Bragg cover? I wish they would've recorded more than five songs, but I'm not complaining. I'm glad it even happened in the first place. I'm also glad that most of these people made it out of the 90's Mission punk days alive and continue to write inspiring music.
    If you want to order a CD of these songs (with a different mix) as well as 30 more songs by 50 MILLION, you can find it right here.
                   Download HICKEY MILLION


Big Ash said...

Recorded outside of Austin during a tour. The idea was to release this as Hickey Million ala Minuteflag. Burris did the art while we tracked. Sad it never came to be, I think the recording is just brilliant--Aesop

Harvester said...

This IS an excellent recording. Sad that it never got a proper release.

Mike Wilson said...

Oh damn! I just realized how awesome this upload is because it has the full version of "Burn Away". The version on that 50 Mill CD it just cuts out after like thirty seconds for some reason. Hell yeah. Love that song and love these recordings so much. Deserves to be a 7", I would love to see that happen..