Sunday, December 18, 2011

TESSERACT - Demo - Tape - 2010

   MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT once sang that "Email is A Men's Room". In this day and age, it can also feel like music blogs are exactly the same thing. The bandwidth is littered with dudes discussing other dude's accomplishments endlessly and bragging about that $500 7" that they snagged for the steal of $150 (I'm not implying that women can't also be sniveling record collectors who drool over first pressings of rare shit....I'm just trying to make a point here). I'm not pointing fingers. I am also guilty of filling up a whole week of material on my blog with bands that only feature men - men whose accomplishments are both inspirational and worth talking about to me. For the next week though, I am only going to post bands that are made up entirely of women whose music has been both inspirational and fucking amazing.
    TESSERACT was a way-too-short lived Bay Area band that growled out vicious, angry, plodding, beautiful DIY crust / metal in the basements of West Oakland back in 2010. They put out this tape just before  embarking on a short tour up to the Pacific Northwest, which included a stop at the beautiful and amazing Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture (If you ever get a chance to go here, do it!). I only saw them play twice (in West AND East Oakland) and both times, they were nothing short of awe-inspiring. Anyone can blast out some noise and call it music, but it takes a special band to create a mood and actually make you feel something real in this dead, cold world.
   TESSERACT dissolved after their guitarist, Savanna was whisked away to the wilds of Olympia, WA. Their drummer, Carey plays in the unfuckwithable SONGS FOR MOMS and does some amazing work with Girl's Rock Camp. Bassist, Kyle plays with East Bay rulers, DISPLEASURE and you should go ahead and get their brand new tape. I don't know what singer/guitarist Darci is up to these days, but to keep it interesting, let's just say that she's doing some insanely illegal shit that I can't even tell you about.
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