Sunday, December 11, 2011

ADD/C - CHEATER LINES - Tour Split - CDR - 2005 (?)

   CHEATER LINES was originally formed under the confusing moniker of AL-DD/C, because the band was essentially ADD/C backing up the truly manical Chicagoan banjo player AL SCORCH. They changed the name to CHEATER LINES which, according to Cole (ADD/C's drummer), was Grady's (bass player) term for pieces of tape affixed to the neck of a  banjo or upright bass that would correspond to the note and take the place of a fret. These four guys were joined by Allison on fiddle and they embarked on a short tour with Ron Cobra at the wheel, playing a mix of Al's old time/country tunes and a reworking of ADD/C's bouncy Region Rock. This CD is the only document of that time. This recording also includes alternate and earlier versions of ADD/C songs that would later appear on their albums. Ruling.

Re-uploaded on 11/3/15


Anonymous said...

i went on some of this tour with the door-keys. it was the most fun tour i've ever been on

Scott Smith said...

and chance for a re-up?

Harvester said...