Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PINK NIGHTMARE - Demo - Tape - 2010

    I played a show with PINK NIGHTMARE at the Linden St House (RIP) at the beginning of 2011 without knowing anything about them. I was happy when I found out that they were a fucking fierce hardcore band that shared members with the unstoppable FOREIGN OBJECTS and the sorely-missed RED THREAD. They played a short, fast set to an enthusiastic crowd and spent the rest of the night hanging out, drinking and being fuckin’ East Coast loudmouths. It was great!
     Soon after, I left town for a few months and rented my room to their guitarist, Terry. When I returned home, she had left this tape sitting on top of my stereo and I didn’t know what the fuck it was because I couldn’t read the writing on the cover and there wasn’t any other info with it. I listened to it a few times and loved it but had no idea that it was PINK NIGHTMARE until one day when I finally figured out what the scrawl on the cover said. It turns out that Terry had some left over from their West Coast tour but didn’t have the proper covers. Unfortunately, the band is on hiatus (broken up?) since their bass player, Kristen lives in SF now (good for us, bad for them) and the rest of them live in Massachusetts.When I asked Terry if she wanted to add anything about their band she said "We were a cursed band who got hit by cars and shit." 
     Just download this and bask in the raw punk glory. If you want to get a copy of their 7" (and why wouldn't you?), you can write to compactchaos@gmail.com

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Thanks for this. Anything Terry Cuozzo's involved with is a sure winner.