Thursday, December 15, 2011

MAGIC CROPDUSTERS - Demo and "Trust Fund Babies" - Tape - 1995

   My only real knowledge of this band came from the 90's tape compilation "Technical Difficulties From Day One", which featured their awesome song "Sarah and her Stuck Up Friends". I loved its lo-fi indie rock charm and the loose, open jangly feel of that song. Besides that info, I am at a loss.
    My friend, Erick put out the aforementioned comp, briefly lived in the same town as this band and loaned this tape to me for digitization, so here is what he had to say about it: "David Jukes was and is a legendary figure in Little Rock indie music. Word was that he was in a new wave band that had made MTV in the 80's. Here, he is joined by Little Rock's MTV band of the 90's, HO-HUM for demos of his sweet, understated, idiosyncratic, personal and catchy-as-hell songs. MAGIC CROPDUSTERS went on to make a couple of slicker, but still upbeat and catchy indie-rock CD's a'la PAVEMENT in the early 00's, but I'll always love this best."

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Fluke Fanzine said...

Jukes was in the Gunbunnies in the '80s. He's on the right in these pics. He was a fixture at Vino's, for many years, making pizzas and playing music. I once saw him go from the pizza line to the stage, playing a set in his work apron. The nicest guy you'll ever meet.

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