Friday, December 16, 2011

HALO BENDERS - "Canned Oxygen" - 7" - 1994

   I bought this 7" in 1994 at a record store in Alabama just because it looked cool. It came packaged in a printed manila envelope and didn't have much information with it. I got it home to realize that they were a jangly, noisy, loose indie-rock band with a totally budget sounding recording. I was sold, even though it featured Calvin Johnson (I always loved BEAT HAPPENING but was really not into his other projects) sharing vocals with Doug Martsch from BUILT TO SPILL (full disclosure: I didn't know that he was in BTS until today). I liked it so much that I bought two of their LP's over the next couple of years (and then resold them for more than I bought them), but those records never grabbed me as tightly as this one 7". There's just something about this record that I really love, even the weird dance number on the B side.

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