Wednesday, December 14, 2011

JACK PALANCE BAND / JARVIS - Unreleased Split 7" - Tape - 2000

   Back in 2000, 2 of the Region's best bands got together and went into a studio in Huntsville, AL to record songs to be released on a split 7". Each band recorded two songs and I seem to remember that they were both in and out of the studio in a matter of a few hours. JPB recorded "Last Year" and another that I don't know the title of. The former is about losing a close person in your life and the latter is about fighting oppression. Both are great songs.
    On their side, JARVIS shits out one of my favorite songs that, unfortunately, only exists on this tape. There's something about the song "Random" that has always given me chills. It's a great fucking song and it exhibits Harry's (guitar/vox) love for playing 1-4 note guitar solos. The other song, "Changes pt 3", is another in a long series of Ryan's (bass/vox) super short songs about changes (duh) in life. Also great.
  For whatever reason, the bands didn't like how the recording came out and these songs never saw the light of day, except for during live shows (and in the case of "Random", not often enough for me). The JPB side comes from the collection of Erick Lyle. The JARVIS side is mine. For some reason, the tape that JARVIS gave me is really tinny sounding and always has been. If anyone has a better digital copy of it, I would really appreciate it. Enjoy.

Re-uploaded May 2015


Anonymous said...

Hey Greg-ula. All but one of these songs actually were also on The D.R.&.C tape I did that came with the glove and that oversized zine. Changes was also on one of those ADD free cd's w/ JPB, ADD/C, Cocaine Summer Splash, Bitchin', Etc. Just a thought. Nice blog by the way.

Harvester said...

Well shit!!! Thanks for the info. I like to be proven wrong.

Harvester said...

Also, that comp fucking rules and I will put it on here one day soon.

Jason said...

Hi Greg! Any chance you could re-up this? I'm trying to find other versions of all the songs on a "region rock" tape and think these Jarvis tracks could be the missing link!

Harvester said...

Done! Hope that helps.

Johnny Volume said...

Shit, how'd I miss this first time around, this is awesome, thanks for putting back up!