Thursday, December 22, 2011

HUE & CRY - "Ridiculously Masculine Demo" - Tape - 2004

   This tape has already been featured up the hill at Terminal Escape, but when a band is this good, you have to share it more than once. HUE & CRY yelled and thrashed around San Francisco for a short time in 2004 and went on a tour of the East Coast and Midwest before calling it quits.That's it...that's all I know. It's excellent, all female punk that is both intelligent and raging. What else do you want?
The band in front of the MRR house.
Download HUE & CRY
Link re-uploaded Jan 2016

   Arwen, their bassist, is currently working on a documentary about Ursula K Le Guin. Their drummer, Chloe went on to sing in ATTAKE in NYC and their guitarist, Clara moved even further away to Spain and continues to rock in one way or another.


YL said...

Clara is currently in Silla Electrica out of Madrid, and was also in the band Las Senoras. Both bands are super rad!

Harvester said...

cool! thanks!

Mannes Badar said...

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rayss said...

hello, can you reup this please. sorry I just found your awesome blog.
I have one too it a bit outta date since I don't have internet at home and doing stuff on the phone is whack. but I can get my computer to a wifi somewhere to download stuff. and reup stuff. I really wanna make new posts but oh well. thanks again.

Harvester said...

It's done. Thanks for the kind words!