Tuesday, December 13, 2011

THE BREAKUPS - Tape - 1999

   THE BREAKUPS formed in the late 90's in Gainesville, FL when Scott and Timmy (both formerly of LOS CANADIANS) got together to flesh out the wealth of acoustic songs that they had written together. Their drummer, Iggy would hop freight trains up from Miami (where he was staying at the time) for band practice. Between the three of them, the music sounds like a gentle fight between their musical influences: Scott probably desperately wanted to play power-pop while Timmy's bass lines soar off into the stratosphere, stretching the boundaries of each song. All the while, Iggy's steady, breakneck drumming kept it firmly planted in the warm confines of punk. Two of these songs appeared on the Fuck The Curse compilation back in 2000 and the other ones were only passed around through mixtapes and trades. Their song "Battle of the Hopeless Crushes" will sound familiar to fans of Region Rock, since it was also played a few years later by Iggy's band, THE HORRIBLE ODDS. It may sound familiar to others since JAPANTHER covered it and it is being touted throughout the internet as the single for their new LP with absolutely no mention that they had nothing to do with writing that song. What's up with that shit?! Anyhow, this tape is excellent.
This tape is from the collection of Erick Lyle.
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Anandi said...

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Anonymous said...

Damn Yankees!

the wizard said...

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