Saturday, December 31, 2011

SHOTWELL - Live on KZSU - Tape - 1998

   Remember that one time when I said something like "oh hey, here's a recording of SHOTWELL live on the radio in Davis or something, but I only have four, deal with it"? Sorry about that. Here is the full recording of 15 songs, complete with classic Jimmy banter, a Judi Bari spoken piece, radio DJ jokes and more! It was recorded on the KZSU station at Stanford University (nowhere near Davis) in 1998 and shows the band being pretty fucking tight, no matter how much Jimmy tries to throw them off. The lineup on this one is Jimmy (guitar/vox), Carl (bass/vox) and Iggy (drums). Enjoy it and have a happy new year!!!
Re-uploaded April 2014
This tape is from the collection of Erick Lyle.


veganboyjosh said...

i would like to reserve some time in the racks of the music collection of Erick Lyle.

Harvester said...

That might be easier said than done, but if you stick around, I have about 30 more of his tapes to digitize.

veganboyjosh said...

i'm not going anywhere, but that is some excellent news.

Matt said...

Any chance for a re-up of the shotwell stuff? I'm a huge fan of both the blog and the band . . . . Thanks in advance! I really think the archive you have going here is tremendously important in documenting a specific part of sf's musical history. Thank you so much! Also have discovered so much cool shit here that I never would have found otherwise! Thank you thank you thank you!

veganboyjosh said...

hey Matt,

i grabbed this when it was still up.

email me and i'll send it to you.

veganboyjosh at gmail dot com

Harvester said...

Matt, you're very welcome. You can get it from Josh or just download it here. I re-upped it today. I'll try to get around to the other Shotwell stuff that is down as well, because I love them too.

Matt Chandler said...

Thanks so much you guys! Josh, I ended up just downloading it from the blog and have been grinning from ear to ear listening to it all day. Man have I been obsessed with this band lately. Fuck yeah!!!!! Greg, if you get around to uploading the other Shotwell recordings I will be so stoked, but if it takes some time I totally understand. I will be checking! Thanks again for all the work you have done here! If I see you around town, then I definitely owe you a burrito or something! Fuck yeah!!!!