Wednesday, November 23, 2011

UKE OF PHILLIPS - "This Is Gutter Country" - Full Gallop #9 Audio Zine - Tape - 2002

       When this tape came out back in 2002, it was glued to the inside of any tape deck in my vicinity for a solid year (and is still on regular rotation). It's a collection of songs made by UKE OF PHILLIPS and friends that were recorded between the years of 1996 and 2002, showcasing everything from gutter country to folk songs to field recordings to stabs at punk songs to dirges to running around the room while singing to everything imaginable in between. These songs were recorded on a variety of analog devices in basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, warehouses, fields, hallways, walk-in closets etc, etc, etc.... The opening song "House a Home" has one of my most favorite unintentionally perfect recorded moments of all time, when a train rolls by in the background. The other performers on this recording are responsible for IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT, COUNTY ZSHEP AND ME,  this blog and many many others. 90 minutes. 48 (or so) tape cuts off at the end of "50,000 Mile Stare" so that's what you get. This tape is beautifully ragged and addictive.

Updated Feb 2014

   The other cool part of this tape is that the original version came with Dan's (Uke) zine Full Gallop, where all of the lyrics were written out in india ink and he told you where the songs were recorded. It provided a glimpse into the inner workings of the people involved and made the project whole. It seems like a crime to not include it, so I am offering it as a separate PDF download. Enjoy

Updated Feb 2014

    Selections from this tape will soon be appearing on an LP, put out by German label Unwucht Records. The ever morphing entity of UKE OF PHILLIPS still survives today in the form of VILLAGE OF SPACES, who just put out a new LP and still includes one of my top favorite artists, Amy Moon!


E.Conner said...

greg! thank you so much. I lost my copy of this too many years ago and have been mourning it's passing ever since. I got this at an info shop in Detroit in 2003 i think.

future history said...

this tape rules, a lot. hooray!

Harvester said...


joshua leon harper said...

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! I've missed this tape so much!

This was my 2004-2005 soundtrack. I've probably heard this thing, like, at least a hundred times!

I lent it to Shawn Monahan years ago and never got it back and have had it haunt me ever since.

It shows up in dreams!

I will sometimes get songs from this tape stuck in my head upon waking, like, I'll wake up singing them and they'll last all day.

The weird, disjointed tuba song! The biscuit recipe! AAaaaarrggh! It was my headphone/crackbox soundtrack for YEARS!!!!

Thank you SOOO much for posting this! This and that Grumpies Demo. Man, you have no idea how happy this makes me. I'm about to dub this onto tape, smoke a doober and go take a long-ass walk.....old timer style.

Thanks Greg!!!!!

I could kiss you!


Anonymous said...

re-up please

Harvester said...

Done, dawgie.

Anonymous said...

arigatou gozaimasu

Croose Hackle said...

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