Sunday, November 27, 2011

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME - "Deathfuckers" - Tape - 2002

   The only time I ever saw STOCKHOLM SYNDROME was when they thrashed through an insanely fast, no breaks (or brakes) 10 minute set at Mission Records in SF.The 15 people in attendance nodded at them enthusiastically afterwards and filed out to the corners of the building to drink more cheap beer or do more drugs. It's a shame. They were on fire and deserved more of an insane reaction, like those kids in Mexico City in the opening scenes of Beyond The Screams.
    STOCKHOLM SYNDROME was around for a short time in the Bay Area and left behind this tape and a7" of their style of No-Slow-All-Go hardcore thrash. They featured members of YOUNG OFFENDERS, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS, SPAZZ and many, many, you know it's great. This tape is a non-stop 10 minute raging blast of insanity, just like that live show. Enjoy tearing apart your room and running down the street screaming.
                       Download STOCKHOLM SYNDROME
   Thanks to Anandi for loaning this tape for digitization..

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