Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ONE REASON - Two Unreleased Songs - 2008

   ONE REASON was a band for a good, solid 10 years and I was happy to play bass with them for the last four years of their existence. If I was posting their first album (which the other members of this band would hate immensely), I would tell you all about how this band began, but since we're starting at the end, I guess I'll just tell you that part. We spent the better part of a winter ('07-'08) in Indiana trying fruitlessly to write a new album. Most practices ended with us playing half of a song that we didn't feel that good about or just covering SPRINGSTEEN, REPLACEMENTS and HOT NEW MEXICANS songs. I broke my input jack by laying face down on the floor while playing some of the songs. It wasn't going well. As spring was peeking its ugly, sunny head out, we emerged from Lexie's (drummer) dank ass basement with only two songs...and one of them was only a minute long. Not knowing what would happen with the final results, we headed out to Mike Bridavsky's studio in the rolling hills near Nashville, IN and recorded these two songs ("The Hospital" and "Christmas and Thanksgiving"). We hit the record button and banged out these songs while looking out a huge window at the sun setting behind the hills. Then, the songs got mixed and they sat there while we all went our separate ways. One of them might have appeared on a compilation, but I'm not really sure. I do know that they have been on the internet for a while and I liked playing them a lot when we were a band.
  Now, here's a bunch of old pictures of us....
             In my backyard in Indiana. Pic by Richrd, I believe.
         At Plan-It-X Fest in 2007, I believe. Pic by Ben Rains
 Teaching tagger kids how to spell "Government" in Indiana
  Posing with hundreds of dollars in Mississippi. At the time, none of us knew how to play dominos, which is why it looks like a 3 year old set it up.
                in Baton Rouge, LA. Photo by Chris George.    
    Lexie is now playing drums for DEAD DOG, who are on tour (and in the Bay Area) right now. Go see them, if you know what is good for you. Ginger is playing guitar in TRAVELING and bass in GOOD LUCK. I play drums in NEON PISS and bass in BLACK RAINBOW.

                               That's all folks!

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Shaun Richards said...

The first album is great also... why hate it?