Monday, November 28, 2011


   When SWORD OF THE ANCIENT was a band, I could not describe their sound to anyone and the present day still finds me at a loss for words. It's more no-wave than no-wave. It's like the absence of waves. It sounds like a clanky bike with half-flat tires dragging empty tallcans  through the barren streets of mid-city New Orleans. At times, they almost sound like they're on the brink of falling apart, but still completely in charge of their trajectory. Insistent. Serious, but not taking it all too seriously. Three women serenely singing and screaming their fucking heads off to a discordant, yet alluring, cacophonous wail. One guitar. One cello. One drumset.Ten songs. For months, I used to wake up in my attic room and listen to "Lose A Few Problems" every day before I got out of bed in the morning. Maybe you will too.

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