Thursday, November 24, 2011

HIDDEN SPOTS - Demo - CDR - 2005

                               Photo taken from the Black Cloud,
    I was fucking buuuuuuummmmmmmed when the JACK PALANCE BAND broke up all those years ago, but my sadness was soon erased when I heard that most of those guys had started this new band. I had no doubt in my mind that this band would be just as good, if not better than JPB. When I got this demo, I could see that they were well on their way to becoming my new favorite band and when they dropped their LP "Hundred Million Voices", they really sealed the deal (for the record, I hate that cliche. It just came out. I apologize.).  This demo is their first five songs and lays the groundwork for the brilliance that is to come. It picks up where JPB left off, yet it finds the band more focused, more optimistic, older, wiser and a little haggard in all the right ways. Five songs, catchy as hell, pop sensibilities and powerful. They've already finished recording their 2nd LP, so if someone would put it out already, that would rule.

Updated March 2014
  Cover art and lyrics included in download. I didn't post it because I really don't like the cover and didn't want to see it when I looked on this blog. Sorry Ryan. Everything else you've done for the band has looked great!


alleywaykid said...

Any chancy you might upload this one again??

Harvester said...

yep. It's done

thane said...

do you have or know where I could find a digital version of Hundred Million Voices? i have the record but can't find a digital version of it ANYWHERE. sorry if this is outta bounds for your blog but i'm desperate—thanks!

Harvester said...

I don't. I'm sorry, But, if you find somewhere, please let me know.