Saturday, November 12, 2011


   THE MANHANDLERS came into being in Chattanooga right around the time that I started leaving town all the time, so I only saw them once or twice in their short existence. Sure, they only had five songs, but they made up for their lack of songwriting with an overabundance of attitude, charisma and sleazy charm. Carey (from THE DRILLER KILLERS) usually played her guitar with no pick, which left her hands bloody and scarred.  If no one could find Brontez (later in the swoon-worthy YOUNGER LOVERS) when it was time to play the show, he could usually be found making out with the cutest punk boy in the room or getting naked and dancing on the bar. Harry (from ADD/C) provided the busiest bass lines imaginable for these songs. Kristiana (not in a band right now, but a very proud mother) was probably trying to channel the spirit of Mia Zapata through this band. Handsome Ed (now playing bass for ASSHOLE PARADE) taught himself how to play drums and banged the shit out of the set with the tree trunks he has for arms. Five songs. All great. No filler.
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cdb said...

hey, this is great to be able to hear! are there "social lies" recordings? you definitely have one of the most interesting music blogs i have come across, so much neat shit to check out all the time! thanks for this.

Harvester said...

Thanks! Brontez gave me a Social Lies tape years and years ago, but I think it has been lost to the ages. If Brontez loans me a tape of it, I will post it.

cdb said...

brontez SHOULD totally loan you a tape of it, i would love to hear it!