Saturday, November 19, 2011

CASTLE DANGER - "Levels 1-4" - Tape - 2000 (?)

     CASTLE DANGER played a sparsely attended show at the all ages space in Chattanooga, TN back in 2000 (or so) and blew our fucking minds. No one actually knew what they sounded like before the show. Then, they melted our faces off with expertly executed proggy insanity riffs that sounded like the world being attacked by rabid dinosaurs with lasers for eyes. Really. Afterwards, I bought their tape, met these three insanely friendly guys and loved life.
   This download is just one track since it's mostly just one long 12 minute song split up into 11 movements. The names of each part are as follows:
Wolf Serpent
Rapids / Serpent

Features members of ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?, TIGERSHARK and the first drummer of MUNICIPAL WASTE (when they were a joke, on their own terms)
                      Download CASTLE DANGER

   And now if I can take just a moment to tell you about their drummer, Jonny Z...I guess I met him at this show, but the details are pretty hazy. I didn't really get to know him until a couple of years later. You know that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and you can just tell that they're a fucking badass? That's how I felt with Jonny. He played drums like a maniac, always had a smile, always had some good conversation on hand and was usually doing something to help others out, such as organizing activist events and putting together the Bizarre Market.. He was on a particularly aggravating tour one time where none of his bandmates could hide their frustration, but he still remained positive and even tempered. The two of us got jacked on Vietnamese coffee on 6th Street in SF and proceeded to walk all over the goddamn city, talking one million miles an hour to each other. So much fucking fun. So full of life, so inspirational and he had so much to give to this world. That's why it's so hard to believe that he is not IN this physical world anymore. I don't even want to talk about why he's not alive (if you want to know, it's right here). It's just so unbelievable. Still, to this day, I'll wonder when one of his bands will come through town and then I's not gonna happen. Jonny would probably feel weird that I'm talking about him so much, so I'll try to do what he would do, which is deflect the attention elsewhere. Be sure to tell those special ones in your life that you appreciate them while you still can..This life, while unpredictable, strange and scary, is also full of outstanding people who will make you wish you could live forever.
    Now, as an attempt to end this on a positive note, here are some buck wild videos I just found that correspond to this tape.

 If that doesn't work, I'm sure there are some videos of kittens online somewhere.


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