Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RVIVR - Live - Tape - 2008

    I met RVIVR'S guitarist/singer Matt years ago when he played with his old band, LIFE ROCKS at a house in Chattanooga. I didn't like his band at all, but we had a great time drinking whiskey, screaming and running down the street. I had not seen Matt in a few years and actually didn't have high hopes for his new band, but I was pleasantly surprised about how great they were when I saw them play at Thrillhouse Records back in 2008. I got this tape from them after the show and Matt said "That's not really the best recording. We'll have better stuff soon". He was right. It's a muddled (but loud!) live recording from Olympia that they made just for the West Coast tour that I saw them on, before they put out their first 7". So, there's your warning.
  Since this tape, RVIVR has put out a whole slew of records and toured Europe twice. They've seemed to attract quite a backlash lately for various things...mostly for not being quiet about their politics or by funding one of their tours through Kickstarter. I don't agree with some of their methods, but I also don't think they are the enemy. We have bigger things to worry about than getting upset over what a small little band from Olympia does. I just saw them a few nights ago and they were still great. Instead of 20 people in the room, like 2008, it's closer to 200 ...and they sing in tune now.
                   Download RVIVR Tape

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Gaël DeWarlaing said...

re-up please!

Harvester said...

I'm sorry but the files are missing from my computer. I don't know what happened to them!

Jake Harrison said...

Anyone know where I can get this release? And the RVIVR demo?