Tuesday, January 10, 2012

YOUR HEART BREAKS - Live in Bloomington - 2/26/08

Photo taken by me at the show, behind the drumset.

   I've already told you about YOUR HEART BREAKS before and how their sweet pop jams have provided the backdrop for many lonely nights walking down the tracks in the freezing cold. Now, I will tell you about the time, Clyde, the principal songwriter came to visit me in Bloomington for a few days after he went on a European tour and we formed a rock band to play his songs. Well, that's pretty much the whole story. I played drums (and a typewriter, air horn, tiny electronic drums and sound effects) and requested some songs. We taught Marilyn the songs on bass and she also did some back-up vocals. Matt Tobey is a busy guy and could barely make it to our 2 practices, so we just gave him free reign to sweetly solo over every song (and sometimes play a slide whistle), since he is an enlightened guitar wizard. We were able to set up a last minute show at Sweet Hickory (record store and art gallery) in a tiny little room where I also happened to have an art show up at the time. Anyway, we played. Most of it worked after practicing for only 3 or 4 hours total, some of it didn't. I like how it came out. Maybe you will too.
Download YHB Live
It was discovered that this download didn't have the first song on it, due to some weird error somewhere. Sorry about that.
Here is the first song of that show.


Anonymous said...

hey greg,

just wanted to tell you that the 1st track to this is literally 1 second long. i didn't know if it was supposed to be this way, or it was a mess up. either way, thought you should know. keep up the good work! hope to hear from you soon.

Harvester said...

I fucked up. I was gonna fix it and then some other shit happened...and..excuses....I'm gonna fix it and I will post on here that it is fixed.

David McG. said...

looking real fuckin weird