Friday, January 20, 2012

SHAFFERS - Live on WNYU - Tape - 1995

SHAFFERS playing in a backyard somewhere in the 90's. Photo by Josie.

   This is part two of yesterday's post.

   If you want to get truly technical about it, this should be part one, since the SHAFFERS actually played first on the radio broadcast that day, back in 1995. Much has been said, ballyhooed, and shouted from the mountaintops about the STUN GUN's performance, which left the SHAFFERS standing a little bit outside of the spotlight. As mentioned previously, the SHAFFERS were on tour with the STUN GUNS for about 3 months, which tightened up their performance to the finest it ever was in their existence. On this live radio broadcast, they are playing lightning fast and this ended up being one of the best recordings they ever had.
   The SHAFFERS were originally from Dalton, GA and moved to Chattanooga, TN in the mid-90's. I remember asking Eric Nelson (their guitarist) once why they moved there. Were there other punk bands in the town? A good record store? Anything? Eric just said it was simply the biggest city that was really close to them that wasn't Atlanta. It was that simple. They wanted to get out of Dalton, and Chattanooga was both close by and cheap. Since then, a ton of punks have passed through that town. Some have stuck around and dug in their heels to make that city a destination for traveling punks and touring bands. Many have made their own mark there with record labels, a record/arts store, a recording studio (run by SHAFFERS bassist, Mike Pack) and a punk-run vegan restaurant/show space. I'm not gonna get into it here, but I can definitively trace the origins of all of these things back to the SHAFFERS moving to Chattanooga. It's impressive and awe-inspiring, to say the least. If you would like to know and hear even more about the SHAFFERS, then you can look right here. For now, enjoy their ruling set on WNYU back in 1995.

Updated 2013

 If you're ever in Chattanooga...or even if you're not....check out these punk-run, locally owned places.
Leo Handmade Gallery - Records, zines, handmade clothes, crafts and much more.
Sluggo's North Vegetarian Cafe - Completely punk staff, great vegan food, good coffee, and punk shows in the basement...oh yeah, also lots of beer on tap and super cheap drink specials.
Do Ya Hear We - Local record label that has not put out a bad record. They also put on a yearly 4 day music festival that is one of the best events that I have ever been to.
Mauled By Tigers - Another great record label that put out the flawless HIDDEN SPOTS LP as well as the ADD/C LP and newest SHELLSHAG record.
TINY BUZZ - (no internet presence) Mike Pack's studio, which is responsible for records by SHELLSHAG, LANDLORD, BLACK RAINBOW, ADD/C and many, many more....

  There's probably more stuff I could tell you about, but my mind is fuzzy because I'm typing this in the library since the internet is out at my house....over and out.


Josh M said...

THANK YOU! I been missing this for years. IT'S SOOOOOOO GOOD!

Josh M said...

Mike's studio is now called TINY BUZZ

Harvester said...

Thanks Josh...changed it.

Rurnt said...

Yo, can you give me yr email? I gotta a tape rip I can send you that you might dig.

Harvester said...

Please do....

Vill said...

I'm looking for copies of the zine from Chatanooga called Spare Change. The only time I've read them was in Gainesville at the mini-library on University. Also it was less than 5 minutes to closing time and I had to jump on a greyhound anyway.

From what I saw it was like a free weekly, but for those who like punk house shows and parties!

Harvester said...

viii--you can write to Tom Foote c/o Do Ya Hear We - P.O. Box 6037 Chattanooga, TN 37401. He does that zine. He doesn't use the internet. He might have some back issues, or even a new one to send you. It's a good one.

smoke ass said...


speaking of zines what about yours? rice harvester? i've only read the split with MAN THIS SUCKS, or something along those lines. it was written by matte from GBOW/LANDLORD i think? anyway, any old issues laying around?

Harvester said...

hey, I have exactly ONE old issue that is a later issue than that one. I got it at a yard sale for free when the guy realized that I wrote it. If you want it, send your address to remoteoutpostsATgmailDOTcom