Thursday, January 5, 2012

CRYBABY MACARTHUR - "Kever's Room Sessions" - Tape - 2005

   There was this band in Brooklyn around 2002 called BEER GARDEN and I loved them. Their singer, Gaylen had this totally rad, weird voice that went from sweet to snarling in a split second. It was instantly recognizable and all her own. Like many great bands, they put out a really cool album and then broke up. The gnashing of teeth heard from around the world was deafening. Also, like many people in bands, they started another one and it seemed to pick up where BEER GARDEN left off. Ella (also the guitarist in BEER GARDEN) and Gaylen got together with their friends Alex and Good Kid Paulie to form this awesome band that played a shit-ton of living room shows in Brooklyn and went on a few tours around the Midwest and the South. The songs "The Chase" and "Sirens" give me that same great feeling as the first time I heard BEER GARDEN: catchy and triumphant, but also tough as nails.Seven songs on here and all of them rule. Later, they put out a 7" of a lot of these same songs that is totally worth tracking down.

    These days, Ella is living in Georgia and plays in the excellent band DEAD DOG. I had the honor of being in DIRTY MARQUEE with Gaybob for a couple of years. Now, she is back in Brooklyn and playing with PURE JOY. If you live in a punk house anywhere in the US or Mexico City, it's possible that Paulie has been sitting at your kitchen table, drinking copious amounts of coffee and talking your ear off about cities, bagels, New York pizza, the Spanish language, trainyards, train maps, train bums, beet harvests, weed harvests, cranberry harvests, sidewalks, books, street sales, sidewalk book sales and anything else that comes to his mind. I randomly ran into Alex once in Indiana when he was driving an ambulance across the country with his partner and let them sleep on my floor for a night. That was almost 7 years ago and I don't know what he's up to these days. Alex?

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Updated 4/14

Dear fanboys or fangirls: AC isn't their original drummer and didn't play on this.
This tape is from the collection of Erick Lyle.


E.Conner said...

alex is still living in brooklyn last i hear he was making sculptures! Actually:

Harvester said...

Cool! Thanks E.

JM said...

I just read about these guys in a zine and was psyched to find an upload, but looks like Mediafire swallowed it. Any chance of a reup?

Harvester said...

yep! It's done.