Saturday, January 14, 2012

GOAT SHANTY - "Encroachment" and "Clearly Prespin" - CD's - 1999-2002

   I have been fully on board with the bands of one Mr Jason Griffin since I first met him way back when he drummed in TRES KIDS. He has stayed true to his love of thrash, hardcore and DIY and has been unrelenting in consistently throwing down quality bands for the past 18 (or so) years. GOAT SHANTY was one of those many bands that blew my mind when I first saw them.
     Their first CD "Encroachment" is a noisy hardcore assault on the ears brought to you by Jason and Tosh. It is overflowing with metal-tinged guitar riffs and constant tempo-changing blast beats, all with a constant soundtrack of noisy static just below the surface. On their second CD, "Clearly Prespin", they added James as a vocalist, which made their live show 10,000 times better (James also joined Jason in the later bands, DIVORCE and AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER...and I think he is one of the best hardcore front-persons of the past 15 years). This CD has some of my favorite lyrics of theirs on the song "15" (all of their songs titles are numbers). Just download it. The lyrics are there....anyhow, "Clearly Prespin" is no less damaged, chaotic and noisy.

  I went and saw GOAT SHANTY play in a big room in Bloomington, IN once and absolutely no one else was there besides the other band that played and our mutual friend, Mary. The guy who set up the show did absolutely nothing to promote the show and it sucked. After the first band played, the drummer told Jason that they could set up when he was finished breaking down his drums. Jason took one look at the guy's huge set with triggers and extra hardware and laughed. GOAT SHANTY unloaded their car, set up, played their full set, loaded the car back up and LEFT THE BUILDING before that dude could take apart his drumset. The next day, GOAT SHANTY agreed to let me ride with them to Cincinnati even though they had absolutely no room in their car and I rode on Jason's lap all the way there. That basement show was packed, the kids were appreciative and the band was the best I ever saw them. Completely on fire and on top of their game. That night, we stayed at some racist dumbshit's house and I drunkenly intercepted a bottle that someone tried to break over Jason's head. It was a rough night. In the morning, I got out of my sleeping bag (which was covered in glass after someone had broken bottles on the wall next to me during the night), left the band without saying goodbye (they were still asleep) and hitchhiked in the goddamn rain for two days to get to Tennessee. The band went on their merry way north to play a hardcore fest or something. Soon after, they broke up.
Re-uploaded Oct 2014


Anonymous said...


anymore info on that cincinnati gig you attended with goat shanty? i live in cincinnati and yeah it can be a rough place sometimes. i want out of here so bad.

Harvester said...

uhh, it's a little hazy. The show was in that part of town that is on top of a hill and kind of hip....lots of bars and a grocery I said, kind of hazy. the show was in the basement of an apartment building, I think. I remember that I set up all of Goat Shanty's merch to sell on top of a washing machine. It took me 4 hours to hitch out of there while standing under an overpass in the rain. It was terrible. That was in 2002. I went back there to see the Melvins in 2007 and it was right around the corner from that house.