Sunday, January 8, 2012

DUNGEONEERS - Tape - 2007

   So, there's this band called THE TERRIBLES and they have been a band since the 9th grade, which was 1997 for them, and they're still going pretty strong. Back in 2007, their drummer went away to Europe for a few months and I'm guessing that the other two members couldn't fathom being band-less for like, 3 months. So, they did what any self-respecting band members would do and started a medieval themed band where they dressed in floor-length tunic/robe type things with upside-down crosses printed on them and wrote songs about D&D, sacred scrolls and medieval tymes. They brought their friend, Matt Z (from the amazing BONEZONE) into the fold, who is a mild-mannered school teacher by day and a complete goddamn maniac (a lovable one) at every other time who cannot play the drums without making them fly away from him in every direction at a high velocity. They busted out these nine songs, made this tape and then....actually kept being a band. I played a show with them in 2011. This tape doesn't quite translate their love for the first 2 MEAT PUPPETS albums as seen through the eyes of three guys who are nerdy for comic books and dungeon masters like their live show does, but you'll get the point.


xspelledx said...

yes! booking a show with this band later this month and hopefully playing with them too. fun shit

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JustAPezDispenser said...

The download expired, any chance of it getting fixed/reuploaded?