Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TENT CITY ROLLERS - Demo - Tape - 2010

   TENT CITY ROLLERS were around for a very short time and I never saw them because I lived 3000 miles away from 'em. The members had played in such sonically disparate bands as TULSAELECTRIC DAMNJACUZZI SUICIDE and KAKISTOCRACY, but came together to form this melodic punk band that sounded somewhat like a melding of the first two (and nothing like the last two).
  That's all I've got, really. I like this tape a lot, even though none of the members believe me. Some of these songs have been shipped off to other bands, along with the members. You can find them doing time these days in DARK RIDES, YES MA'AM and FLIES AROUND IT.


Nate said...

General rule of thumb: if a band features Morgan Stickrod, it is worth your time.

Dk said...

What I love most about 'Region Rock' bands are their tenacity for delivering unsuspecting hooks and having a graceful sloppiness. Tent City Rollers are no exception. Nice.