Friday, February 17, 2012

CORTEZ THE KILLER - "Gas Money Demos" - CD-R - 2008

   Ever since I posted the FROZEN TEENS demo a while back, I have been pretty fuckin' obsessed with it (to put it lightly). That obsession grew after I ordered their brand new LP from Do Ya Hear We, which is even better than the demos and near flawless. It hasn't left my turntable since I got it in the mail a week ago. Seriously...and I listen to a lot of music. This obsession led me to revisit Ski and Will's (drummer and guitarist of FT, respectively) old band from a few years ago, CORTEZ THE KILLER.
   I set up (actually, I can't remember if I set it up or someone else did) a house show for them in Bloomington, IN that was pretty poorly attended, but the band did their best to rock the shit out of the few people there. Everything is pretty hazy because this was a fairly drunken period in my life, but I remember that one of the guys in the band barely talked to anyone until he got good and wasted.
   That's all beside the point though. What's important is that they had this demo with them and it sounds, to me, like a proto-FROZEN TEENS, before they got their bearings. The song, "Brian Jones Haircut" could easily be a deep cut off of their later FT demos, but the rest have more of a Nuggets-era, garage rock sound to them that works for me. The song "Phillips" is especially excellent, showing that these guys really have a knack for giving a song the room to breathe; something that I have always had a problem executing myself. Excellent!

Download their demo
Updated May 2014

Fun fact: After some time, their guitarist Mike Wilson either quit or got kicked out....I don't know which. The band later replaced him with another guitarist named Mike Wilson!


E.Conner said...

So many funny stories about this band/original mike wilson. We (punkin pie) played multiple shows with them after the show YOU booked in bloomington on that tour we did w. those stoners LANDLORD. Still when they came to the west coast and played a show WITH US in OUR HOUSE and mike saw a flier on the wall from a show we played in nyc he pointed at it and said "punkin pie! we know those guys!!!!". Ski also told me that he was commuting back and forth from Fargo to Minneapolis w. no glasses for a little while. Also maybe he was a teacher?

Vill said...

Yes, I've heard the glasses story too. However for as much of the party/show playing lifestle he was (still is?) an English teacher!

btw thank you for posting Cortez the Killer, they played here in Fargo abit.

Also thanks for posting all the bands with Ski, he's been in alot!

Harvester said...

I'm a big fan and good friend of Ski's. There is more to come.

Anonymous said...

could you please reupload this please?

Harvester said...