Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taking A Break!!

   I'm taking a break and going on tour. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, come see my band, NEON PISS. You can find our tour dates right here.. If you want to hear our demo, here it is.
   In the meantime, why don't you watch this great interview with my good friend, Erin Yanke? She is an audio archivist, radio DJ at KBOO and drummer of CHASED AND SMASHEDTHE CURSE and SOCIAL GRACES. In this short interview, she outlines some of the basic tenets of punk that I (and many others) have come to live by. It's inspiring to me, to say the least...especially the parts about being supportive of younger kids,  getting older and staying punk.

  "What's more 'society' and normal that being a misogynist prick? That's totally mainstream culture so why would you be a punk if you were interested in doing that?" - Erin Yanke


Anonymous said...

try and snag a SIREN SONGS demo when you're in vancouver. great band. super rad folks.

Harvester said...

That was done last time I was there. Great demo!