Tuesday, February 7, 2012


   ALACHUA BANDITS were a fuckin' band of wild men and one wild woman from the Ft Lauderdale/Miami area. Their singer Tom Foote, guitarist Cinque and drummer Quannah had all recently moved from their home state of Michigan to sunny Florida. They teamed up with bassist, Becky Funn and cranked out this fast, ragged hardcore that was carried by Cinque's penchant for cramming as many chords as he could into one song and Tom's perfectly fucked, broken glass voice. I really, truly don't have much information about this band at all. I asked Cinque if he knew any details about any of this and he said he doesn't really remember anything...not even any of the song titles. Erick Lyle says "The band name came from a trip to Dalton, GA that ended with a breakdown outside of Gainesville in Alachua, FL." From traveling with these guys throughout the years, I'm sure they spent a lot of that time shoplifting booze and eating fried chicken out of a dumpster.
  Members of this band later aspired to greatness with the SPAWN SACS and living in the fabled Chattanooga punk house known as Anarchtica.

re-uploaded Feb 2016

This tape is from the collection of Erick Lyle.


Steve said...

I seem to remember they pronounced it "Ala-CHEW-ah Bandits" instead of "A-LA-chua Bandits" for some reason.

Harvester said...

yeah, it was because of them that I thought locals were saying it wrong.

Anonymous said...

finding this for me was UNREAL! i played drums in a band with these guys back before they left michigan. for proof, youtube RIGORFALIC. thank you so much for sharing this with the world...RESPECT

Harvester said...

YES! Rigorfalic!! Cinque told me about it. I'm glad you found this and thanks for the Youtube link. Put up more!

matty shakedown said...

Agh! Another Mediafire no longer there link! This is up there with the Hidden Resentments tape...NEED A NEW DOWNLOAD PLEEEEEASE!

Harvester said...

calm down! you got it!! Mediafire is terrible!!