Sunday, February 19, 2012

THE STRANGER STEALS - Demo - Tape - 2000

   I don't really know too much about this Little Rock band of train hoppers and hard rockers, but I do know that they're great. I used to wake up and blast their song "Insectiuroid Inspector" in the morning while cooking breakfast. It's actually possible that I was rocking the very tape that this was ripped from, since my memories are from the time Erick lived with me in Chattanooga (it's his tape). Speaking of Erick, here is what he has to say about THE STRANGER STEALS...

   "Holy shit! Alan Disaster (CHAOS L.R.), Louisa (FOXY EMMA) Lloyd and Jeremy join up with Little Rock's wildest frontman, Victor Wiley for this shreddin' rock.Victor was in countless Little Rock bands, most notably UPTOWN PROPHETS OF THE ARMAGEDDON and sadly died way too fuckin' young of a heart condition in 2007. I saw them with JACK PALANCE BAND at the Dustbin in Portland and it blew all of our minds. We had glitter stuck on everything for weeks too."
   My friend and breathtaking comic book artist, Nate Powell put out a CD of the band in 2001 which may or may not be available (my suspicion is the latter) from his now-defunct record label, Harlan Records. Turn this up and let their fucking huge guitar riffs melt your mind.

This tape is from the collection of Erick Lyle.
You can find a very touching write-up about Victor right here.

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Dk said...

Just finished reading the write up on Victor's passing. What an extraordinary guy he must have been. It's inspirating just hearing about the kind of character and creativity he possessed. This tragedy brings to mind the recently departed Brendon Annesely (R.I.P.) who also died way too early. The Stranger Steals really does rock and I'm glad you shared it along with where more info on Vic Wiley could be found. May he rest in peace. Thanks again, Greg.