Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LOS CANADIANS - 4 Track Recordings - Tape - 1995

   I've been holding back on posting this tape for a while because I felt sort of conflicted about it. To me, a LOS CANADIANS without Buddha on guitar and mostly devoid of Ivy's singing is not really LOS CANADIANS. In reality, it is LOS CANADIANS because the band says it is. Also, I'm not sure if they ever intended to have these recordings put out into the world, but here ya go.
   The band recorded this during a short time period when Buddha had been replaced (that's totally the wrong word...you can never replace Buddha) by Bill Beltone on guitar. Let's look at it this way. Remember when you were in school and you would come in to class to find a substitute teacher and you would think "cool....we're not doing shit today." Remember that feeling about how things would feel a little "off" and abnormal, but the day just kinda flowed awkwardly along anyway? That is exactly how this recording feels to me. This isn't meant as a slam against the rest of the band or Bill. I love THE BELTONES and I think Scott and Timmy can do no wrong, musically, but this isn't the best recording...BUT, like I said, I don't think we were ever supposed to ever hear this.
   Most of this was recorded when their singer, Ivy was still living in California and getting ready to return to Florida. The vocals are primarily commandeered by Timmy and Bill. On "False Prophet", Ivy has returned and graced us with her beautiful, raspy vocals. On "First Song" (reportedly the first song that Scott and Timmy wrote together, according to Erick Lyle), Ivy emotionally sings the song without lyrics, which is still the way she figures out the melodies to songs today. You can hear the band playfully poke fun at her towards the end. The tape closes out with the funny "Song That Confused Bill", which also appears on the LOS CANADIANS split CD with CHICKENHEAD that I posted a while back (highly recommended as a better place to start off if you've never heard this amazing band).
  This may appeal to a few LOS CANADIANS fans or may even appeal to people who have never heard the band and don't know what they're missing. I don't know. If there's anything I've learned from doing this blog, it's that I can't account for anyone's taste. Enjoy, my friends.

The picture above was taken from Chuck Loose's old zine, SHEBANG and shows the band playing in '95 at an illegal generator show in the Everglades. See if you can spot me. It's a week after I met these wonderful people.
Tape is from the Scam Magazine files.


Erick Lyle said...

It is weird but true: they played shows with this Ivy-less lineup.

Scott B said...

Bless you, Greg!

Anonymous said...

Download link is dead. Anyone able to reupload this somewhere?

Harvester said...

it's now re-uploaded.