Monday, June 27, 2011

POTENTIAL JOHNS - tape - 1996

      That tape above is all I have of this compilation of bands from Denton, Texas. No insert. Not even a tape case. The tape is actually full of bands, but I honestly only got past these first 10 songs once or twice. When I first got this tape from Jayson Grumpy, I didn't even know the name of this band, but I was completely obsessed with them. I just rewound the tape over and over and listened to these songs every day. Later, I found out that the band was called the POTENTIAL JOHNS. I was obsessed with finding out any info about them and when a band from Denton called KID CHAOS came to my town, I asked them 1 million questions about the band. I found out that POTENTIAL JOHNS was just one guy named Jeff Burke playing all the instruments into his 4 track. One of the guys from KID CHAOS later sent me a 90 minute tape full of more songs by him and I was hooked for life. I carried that tape around on every tour I went on until I lost it in Arizona in 2006. By that time, I  had more clues, had tracked down this mysterious musical genius and Jeff sent me all the songs again on CDR.
   Over the years, POTENTIAL JOHNS has gotten more streamlined and more perfect, producing so many completely flawless pop songs that it is mind-boggling. These ten songs are the early, ragged punk years that are still flawless and beautiful in their own way. If you like this stuff, I urge you to track down any recordings that you can by any of Jeff's bands, but you've probably already heard it if you have any remote interest in punk. He's still playing in THE POTENTIAL JOHNS, MARKED MEN, and THE NOVICE

    Download POTENTIAL JOHNS tape here
    EDIT 12/12/11: There is a higher quality recording of alot of these songs here. It's not all the same versions though.

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spacemansteve said...

Marked Men are one of my all time favorites--I recognized that voice immediately. Thanks for sharing!