Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PETER STUBB - Powdered Doughnuts - 1994?

  To some, PETER STUBB is a legend. To others, he  is some crazy guy with a guitar. To many people, he is both. He's been writing his own songs and putting out cassettes (an average of 2 a year) since the late 80's/early 90's. My favorite tape, "Blueberry Masturbator", has some heartbreaking songs about mental health problems followed by jams that are sort-of indescribable (the song "Ba-doing-schwing" comes to mind). Other tapes have featured Peter and his friend just making race car noises and singing. Still others have been full of drum machine death metal, odes to Christmas, songs about whiskey, and stories of sticking drumsticks up his ass. You really never know what you're gonna get with one of his tapes, but it's always memorable.
    This epic love song to powdered doughnuts was recorded live by someone somewhere in the early to mid 90's and stands as one of my favorite Stubb songs of all time. I believe it catches him at his best: both playful and brutally heartfelt at the same time with the audience hanging on every word for the full eight and a half minutes of this song.
  My friend, Mitchell Powers made a short documentary about Peter that you can find a clip from HERE. You can find a really old interview with Peter Stubb here and find some live videos of him here, here and even here.

         Download Powdered Doughnuts Here

  (the recording cuts out for 5 seconds around the 7 minute mark. Every recording of this that I've ever heard does that.)


joshua leon harper said...

Peter Stubb has that great thing going for him where he is both a tender, sensitive artist and a totally insane scary person all at the same time!

I love some of his music....especial that old saint nick album.


Hey Greg, there's this Peter Stubb song that Ivy played for me once that I fucking loved, but haven't heard in years. All I remember is the chorus.

It went:

Crash and die
Crash and die
Crash and die
Crash and die
Crash and die
Crash and die
Crash and die

It was about crashing his motorcycle on purpose i was soooooo good. If you know where I might be able to hear that one again, that'd be awesome.....

I don't know why I'm writing this though...I'll be seeing you tomorrow at Fuckett's for the Neon Piss show.....

So yeah.....see ya tomorrow.

xoxoxo Josh.

Adaam Hussein said...

I would agree that Powdered Donuts is one of the great stubb songs. I've been very lucky to have played with him twice. Once in Ky and once in Asheville NC. The 2nd time I even got to hold his lyrics for him.

Great Blog! Keep the region rock coming! I love that shit! - Adam!

Harvester said...

Josh....that Stubb song is on the Blueberry Masturbator tape, which I want to post at some point. My copy of it is pretty thrashed,but I guess that hasn't stopped me before.
Adaaaaam, thanks a lot!

seasick_&_lonely said...

you can also get "crashed and died" on the vinyl that was released recently...

Harvester said...

which you can get at this site...

Anonymous said...

Anybody intrested in seeing the documentary in full please send and email to

I co-produced that shit

Matt said...

That mediafire link is dead and the youtub version cuts out after a minute and something, fuck!